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Saga University Summer Program 2018 Final Essay

2018/7/2 ~ 2018/7/17

Saga University Summer Program 2018 (SUSP2018) にこの度参加させてもらいました。





Oishi Sumire


2nd Grade of Economy and Law

Prof 〇〇〇〇

Global Leadership 2018

We discussed and made a presentation about sustainability, mainly

3R’s. And then we knew that there are many issues about it now. In

particular, in Japan, it’s big problem to be decreasing a number of

reclaimed lands. And now, at Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which

have 17 goals made by the United Nations, they tell us that we have to

reduce more than before, and change the method “How to produce and

consume” as 12th Goal . Now, however, the amount of waste is increasing

very much. At Eco plaza in Saga city, anyway, they conduct mainly 4

activities not for wasting many things.

First, they recover the heat from incineration and use it to generate

enough electricity to power 9000 homes.

Second, they are currently making efforts to separate and capture

carbon. Dioxide from the gases, generated during incineration, and utilize

them as a resource. The carbon dioxides are also being used to stimulate

growth of algae and the algae were processed into cosmetics for selling.

Third, they recycle resource by temporarily shutting down the ash

malting equipment and collecting the ash generated by the waste

incineration plant, then send it to a private cement plant to be made into


Finally, they open reusable goods store and sell usable reusable goods

brought in by the locals.

Through this activity, I found out that there is an action that we could

do for reducing, too. That is to treat everything more politely. For example,

we can give any youngers clothes which we don’t come to wear or

refashion them to dust clothes, use your pencils until the very end and not

to serve thing worse. These actions make earth better. And I learned that

it’s bad to leave it to only organizations which take part in activities for an

environment beautification to think some methods and do them for

reducing amount of waste. We have to do that, too. I think when people all

over the world come to do actions for reducing, this earth comes to be

more clean and be place that is easy for us to live. Let’s be cooperative

with environment beautification and to start small!!

That is all I knew, and learned by this activity.

And, by being active with foreigner students, I was able to learn an

important thing. That is when we communicate with many people

regardless of nationality, their own background etc., about global issues,

we must know about our own country’s condition or currently issues. But I

felt that I don’t know too much about Japanese many things , which is

about culture, tradition, and currently issues, for example, when I teach

foreigners a lot of them in our conversation. For achieving them, I found out

that I have to be interested in many things by my range of vision. I feel

again that it is very important things for person who want to consider

solution for global currently issues to study hard about many things

regardless that I like or hate.

Thanks for letting me join this program. I’m really glad to see you, be

good friends, and be active with you in this program. For this 2 weeks, I

could get many good experiences. And all of this program’s member let me

think that I want to brush up my English kills more and more. These

experiences is irreplaceable treasures in my life.