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What actually transfer me to become VTuber ._.?

When I was a primary student, I watched a Japanese TV series.
It talks about happiness and Thermos.
It heated my heart and planted a seed, a possibility.

These years, I have watch some of Magical girl and Idol anime, I was always want to become people like them who bring hope to people. But I'm not good looking, so once I knew about VTuber, I start to prepare to become VTuber !

I also intoxicate to 遊☆戯☆王 and デジタルモンスター/デジモン, Eng:Digital Monster/Digimon
(specially the first season of both anime),
I felt touching and inspiring to the power friendship between those exist.
(I don't want to call them as character because I really feel the soul and spirit inside them, I belive they are not just characters, but also live in our heart !)
Also, I have love to Sakura for years. I love the [ Sakura の wuzukuxi ] !

I love children, they are always excited, being interested to any things, and carry smile. I love to learn and talk from children, it makes me feel energetic and meaningful !

One year before, I have heard an entrepreneur‘s talk, he said, the entertainment industry is significant developing, if we could combind entertainment and education together, just like adding some enlightening and meaningful content into Netflix video, imagnt that,how wonderful is it, we can let people get entertaining, but also inspiring them at the same time !

Recently, I rethink about it, if we can slowly bring people and ignite the the passion of learning and progressing, curiosity, every one, every day improve a little bit, stack it, eventaully carry the development and evolution of society !

When I first knew about VTuber, it's MakeULove.
When I was watching her fans give back, the happiness smile, body language,
and sometimes she waves for goodbye when she ends the songs, I feel good with it, I want to service people like that, bring happiness to people.

At the same time, I also start to know more about VTuber culture,
when I keep knowing more about VTubers' cultures,
I become more interested on this, and clarity to my dream, what I really want.

I try to try it a little bit by myself, when I spend a few hundreds of hours...

It was very very hard, I spend more then one thousand of hours but not seems to get some kind of result.
I did try several times to quit, but every time I just stay and not to quit, I just can't quit,
every time when I try it, I also watch contents from YouTube and about VTube.

Then, I said, let's do more.

I do feel I have failed a lot when I was trying to become a VTuber,
but I also feel I have grow a tons from this journey.
And I believe, in the furture, I will grow more and more,
eventaully become a good streamer to service people.

Recently, I watched an anime call [まおゆう魔王勇者].

Before I watch that, I'm not that clarity on my dream, what I know is just create a better world, I don't really understand myself.

By watching it, my thought and dream become more clarity, I want to create a happiness, smile face, people care about others' world, a world that has powerful relationship, power friendship between every one.

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Why do I want to create happiness in peoples' heart?