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How Learning a Foreign Language Is Different.

Heya guys!! This is my dog called Kingsley! So let us get back to the topic! I believe that learning a foreign language is not as hard as it seems. We must find learning a foreign language fun and exciting or else we would endure lots of difficulties. And remember learning a new language is extremingly fun since you can make lots of friends. Personally, I had to learn "Dutch" as my "Unknown Language Journal" for my TESOL Cert which I found intriguing. Studies have shown that learning new languages can increase one's curiousity as well as improving our capability and memory. We had to do studies and investigations as to how foreign languages are similar with their intonations such as dipthongs and monothongs. It is true that Mandarin speakers have more difficulties in pronouncing words than Cantonese speakers because of how their L1 is used to roll towards the up of the mouth to curl their words. I hope these sharings that you read are new to you and that find fascinating! Thanks again and I would get back to you soon! Stay tuned! Joshna!