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It is worth to face challenges

A few years back I took it on me to see how far I can go with no budget.You can read more here

But the important part was that I did it because I saw it as a interesting adventure if you will. A chance to challenge my exisitng skills and learn new ones on the way. I gave up comfort for the chance to improve and develop. In the end I travelled over 4500 kilometre.

This mentality is with me since young age and I personally see often the benefits of it, there is barely anything I haven't done in one way or the other and allowed me to become a true Jack of all trades.

Jack of all trades, master of none, am i right?

It is true, I don't have the same skill as someone who was doing the same thing with dedication for 20 years, but where this individual fails, I will still succeed.

I can relate to any builder and discuss his work with him, I can talk with a public servant about paragraphs, I can have discussions with engineers and natural scientists and will still be as fine as if I talk to a MEP about a historical law.

No matter what challenges there are ahead, I look forward to face them and lean something.