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Global Marketer at Tokyo

Wovn Technologies株式会社

Wovn Technologies株式会社嘅成員

  • Engineer / CEO
    ハードウェア開発、ソーシャルゲーム開発、ECプラットフォームのグロースハッカーを経て、Minimal Technologiesを創業。

  • CTO / Co-founder
    University of Texas at Austin - Computer Science
    Tokago Creative - Freelance web development

  • Sales / Customer support
    台湾出身。日立ハイテクノロジーズ、フォックスコンジャパンを経てMinimal Technologiesに参画。

  • Software Engineer
    その後、Minimal Technologiesに参画。

What we do

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"Welcome the world in one line of code."
This is the tagline for and it defines our thinking when we develop. A global mindset and simplicity.
Our target market is not Japan, but the world. This is why we focus on developing for a global user in every step of the process.
We are passionate about minimalism. We want to provide as simple an experience as possible for our users without sacrificing quality.
We are at an exciting point in our history. Having recently finished our third round of fundraising, we are preparing to expand aggressively. This is where new engineers come in. We are looking for passionate, skilled engineers who are ready to take the leap with us into the next chapter!

Why we do

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"Making a world without borders with technology and broad perspective"

It our mission.

This means that, depending on technology and how to use it, I will eliminate the borders from the Internet.
By eliminating the borders from the Internet, I would like to make it possible for anyone, from any country, to do business on the back side of the earth using the Internet.

How we do

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< Mission>
Make a world without borders with technology and broad perspective

· Pursuit of functional beauty
· Customer orientation
· Expert group

We are a small team of about 20 people, but it is a very versatile and versatile team.
Also, it has a high degree of freedom and discretion is very environment.
As in the value, each has a good influence on the team as an expert, and everyone improves skills.

Although it is a multinational environment, English is not a prerequisite.

Approximately 60% of our company is made up of developers, about half are foreigners living in Japan.
Of course, our target market is not only Japan but also the world, so diversity is important to us.


· Marketing policy of SaaS for B overall
· Branding in general
· Other business development


我哋搵𡁵 グローバルマーケター
工作性質 Mid-career / Contract work
特點 Use foreign languages / 歡迎所有國籍
創辦人 林 鷹治
成立於 三月, 2014
職員人數 有26個成員
行業 情報通信(Web/モバイル) / 情報通信(基盤/SI/パッケージ)






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