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Bullseye Technology LTD.

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What we do

Cultivate children's creative thinking and bring about unlimited possibilities for them to realize their dreams.

Why we do

Broaden horizons

How we do

Realize students' dreams through STEM concepts

As a new team member

Tired of doing similar things every day from 9 to 5? Want to be free?
Want to work outside the box and become creative?
Interested in technology but don't know how to use it?
We are looking for an employee who is full of ideas and develops courses together,
The curriculum we developed will be applied to primary and secondary schools,
If you:
I like all kinds of technology products and have Sense for technology
Own Coding bottom
Passionate about exploration and research
Want to make a big splash in science and technology education
I look forward to applying the curriculum developed by myself to primary and secondary schools

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Company info
Bullseye Technology LTD.
  • No. 55 Wing Hong St, Lai Chi Kok
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    Bullseye Technology LTD.