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Sales and Business Development WANTED. Sell with pride! Apply now, We need you NOW

CleverKid English

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  • Welcome to CleverKid English, where English means something to everyone!

What we do

CleverKid English offers online English lessons to children 5-12 years old.

What makes us standout is our extreme focus on premium teacher selection, highly engaging curriculum, and our modest pricing.

Why we do

CleverKid has a sole purpose and that is to provide premium education at a reasonable price.

Our goal is to grow by one teacher everyday, with 10 new students per day.

What inspired our purpose was the fact that I, the owner, am a Canadian who moved to Ukraine with my family. I was not able to communicate in Russian, but needed to work. I found work in the online English education industry as a certified ESL teacher. Fast forward years later, I have switched gears and have branched off on my own and CleverKid English.

How we do

We believe that learning English is the gateway to success for all young learners, and it is our mission to teach them English correctly from the start to give them the best opportunities possible.

We at CleverKid 110% pride ourselves on having the best teachers available. Not only do we have the best teachers, most with Masters Degrees in Education, but we have paired that with our curriculum which is the most engaging and fun possible for children 5-12 years old.

As a new team member

We need a highly motivated and skilled sales person. Ideally you more than 3 years in the Education industry as either a course consultant with sales skills, or some other form of sales within the online Education industry. Experience in sales management is a big asset.

You must have the ability to talk to prospective customers, identify their exact needs, and close them on a monthly subscription. If you are not able to close them immediately after their free trial class has been taken with one of our teachers, the ability to follow up will be highly important in this position.

We offer the monthly subscription model because this way we can serve a wider group of social classes so more people can afford our lessons.

Characteristics for this position include high motivation for success, integrity, positive attitude, and the ability to naturally lead.

Your impact in the business be be extremely vital, and is a pivoting point for success or failure.

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Sales and Business Development WANTED. Sell with pride! Apply now, We need you NOW
CleverKid English