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揾緊鍾意笑又愛玩IG又會諗橋嘅marketing 同事,會唔會就喺你🤩?

Seven Good Look

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  • Angela
    Business (Finance, HR etc.)

  • Alice Leung

  • Law Kin Sun

What we do

Overwhelming Workload Company Limited-
● Mamaday Studio
● Mamaday Cafe CWB
● OMG Mamaday Cafe
● Vie-Won-Won
● Hungry Dino HK
● No Money So Lonely

Why we do

We want to make life interesting and add a hint of spark in it.

How we do

We have 6 core members in this company, with diverse backgrounds. Matiny and Tim focus on F&B, Gary Chan and Soie Ip focus on Entertainment, Popo focus on Finance, and Raymond do all the construction work. Somehow we got together and things started running! So far, there are projects on F&b, markets, and Haunted house.

We have no idea what is next but we can guarantee you will have fun!

As a new team member

● 正常邏輯思考
● 能在不沉悶的環境下做沉悶的工作
● 有機會需要外出工作
● 能在雜亂無章的環境下井井有條地工作
● 喜歡和同事聊天是重中之重,同事相處時間非常多,要找個聊得來的上班才有樂趣
● 喜歡笑會加分。真的,誰會喜歡黑面神?
● 負責處理公司社交平台管理工作
● 包括 IG 內文構思及撰寫
● 聯絡藝人合作出post
● 協助各項推廣及日常工作
● 熟悉媒體及電腦操作

要求 :
● 具有基本電腦操作知識
● 英文程度良好優先
● 準時守紀
● 精准細心
● 具良好溝通技巧
● 有責任心
● 懂英文打字及中文打字

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Company info
Seven Good Look
  • Founded on 2021/08
  • 揾緊鍾意笑又愛玩IG又會諗橋嘅marketing 同事,會唔會就喺你🤩?
    Seven Good Look