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Be an innovator! Creative AI Researcher wanted - Healthcare!


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  • Ajit Krishna

  • Passionate about Technology, Social Issues, and Healthcare.

What we do

Hollo is a B2B health-tech social enterprise - empowering Mental Health Providers with a platform of research-backed Behavioral Health AI to personalize data driven interventions for every patient. By utilizing AI to predict and screen for the clients' mental health status with live data, we streamline diagnostics and curate Prescription Digital Therapeutics programs - ultimately improving patient outcomes. By improving current practices, Hollo empowers clinicians to improve their accuracy and regularity in tracking patients; be alerted when the models predict deteriorating symptoms; and improve compliance and transparency in digital health.

Why we do

Our mission is to increase accessibility to mental healthcare. Since Suicide is one of the world’s leading causes of preventable deaths - we want to improve early stage detection to give everyone a fighting chance.

How we do

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Our team is highly driven, talented and large advocates for a growth mindset. We often encourage our team members to seek out creative solutions to problems we come across in our development process. As we are creating something new and develop quickly in parallel, we ensure that our internal communication is kept at a high priority. We in majority follow an Agile approach to our project management, typically setting goals, KPI and driving for collaborative, blameless, problem solving. Hollo’s team also fosters a sense of curiosity for every member, allowing space for learning new skills and gaining access to many internal resources and advisory to help accomplish tasks.

As a new team member

We are looking for a Data Scientist with an interest or even experience in Psychology / Cognitive Science Labs. Having professional experience is ideal as Hollo is exploring a quite unique and niche application of Data Science which requires problem-solving and creativity. Your primary focus will be working through the Data Science lifecycle and implementing multi-modal models. Experience or understanding of Mental Healthcare / Neuroscience systems and its related concerns would be beneficial.

- Develop models for Hollo’s products that respects the constraints of the platform (e.g. iOS, Web) and the ethical concerns of the users

- Work extensively with raw data from phones and wearables (e.g. GPS, Camera, Bluetooth)

- Implement machine learning or deep learning models creatively to predict required outputs such as depression levels using extracted features

- Work with a multi-modal model (made with NLP, LSTM, Attention Models) using text, audio and video data sources

- Visualize models and extracted features

- Contribute to potential publication of model findings (whitepaper or academic)

- 2+ years of professional experience as a data scientist with an understanding of the data science life cycle

- Extensive experience with data exploration and feature extraction

- Experience with visualization libraries such as Seaborn or Matplotlib or equivalent

- Proficient in Python. Knowledge of Matlab, R, Julia or C++ is an advantage

- Hands-on experience working with deep learning libraries such as TensorFlow, or PyTorch

- Preferred experience with OpenCV and ffmpeg

- Preferred experience in working with audio and video feature extractions

- Preferred experience in running NN models with cloud servers (e.g. Azure, AWS)

- Strong record of academic achievement in Computer Science, Statistics or related field

- Experience with Academic Publications in the Data Science or related field

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  • Be an innovator! Creative AI Researcher wanted - Healthcare!