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A chance to work on live projects! Be the ultra hybrid unicorn who can make things happen!

Total Brand Activation

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  • Sonja Lau

What we do

  • Markies Award 2021 Winner - Best Idea (Events)
  • CNY Reunion Lunch 2021

The ordinary bores us.
Good is just not good enough.
The best is what we all look for.
And we go to extremes to achieve that.

Thousands of videos to stitch the perfect brand viral video. We're up to the challenge.
Building a Guiness Book of Records giant see-saw and putting a car on it. We make heads turn.
Sprawling through millions of influencers to find 1st trimester first-time mums. We get you the the ROI.
Targeting IOS uses for Facebook. We make the impossible possible.

And the list goes on.

We are distinct. We produce results. We exist to create change.

Reimaginating. Reinvigorating. Reinventing.

Whatever it takes, we work alongside you
to communicate, to reach, to amplify.

Not just because you're worth it.

But because

Why we do

For over 50 years, TBA, part of the Pico Group, has leveraged the platforms of its agencies and the expertise of the best people to become one of the most effective independent global networks in existence.
Our strength lies in the diversity of our some 2,500 professionals and from the depth of our understanding of different cultures and industry practices

We are proud and honoured to work alongside some of the largest and most admired brands in the world. Currently, our major clients are drawn from a diverse set of industries from around China and across the world. Major clients include Amazon, BMW, Dongfeng Honda, Infiniti, Jaguar Land Rover, Lenovo, Letv, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Shell, Tencent, Vanke, Volvo, Volkswagen, Youxinand 360, a host of others.

How we do

  • Bi-Weekly Virtual Training
  • Regular self-reviews

Everyone is a talent.
We believe in that.

We are relentless in helping you to achieve your potential
through reflection, through hardwork, through training.

In an environment where you will be empowered and enabled, we strive to provide you with that ownership so that you can be proud of your achievements.

As a new team member

A Problem Solver. A Multi-Tasker. A Fast and Willing Learner. If your friends describe you with some or all of such phrases, you are potentially the person we are looking for.

We are TBA (Total Brand Activation). We focus on your training to ensure that when you go out to the workforce, you will have the relevant skills that is required for you to succeed in your first job.

A typical day at work may involve you to be:
- liaising with vendors for a virtual event in the morning,
- discussing and understanding the flow of an event,
- in support of Project Executives or Account Managers, with both client and your fellow colleagues in the afternoon,
-running / or moving in for an event at night.

In an environment where you will work and be supported by a team, we want you to be able to learn, to support the team in their pursuit to grow our exceptional list of clients in their brand experiences, retail solutions, corporate theatre, digital and social engagement, trade shows, conferences and special events. All these while having fun and making a difference for the client.

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Company info
Total Brand Activation
  • Founded on 2021/03
  • Pico House, 4, Dai Fu Street, Tai Po Industrial Estate, New Territories, Hong Kong SAR
  • A chance to work on live projects! Be the ultra hybrid unicorn who can make things happen!
    Total Brand Activation