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Full Time / Freelance Digital Content Creator

Nutri Express Online

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  • Alfred Yip

What we do

Nutri Express Online專門採購多個英國直接進口保健品品牌,包括有英國超過25年歷史的營養保健品品牌Specialist Supplements及英國著名香薰治療品牌Avena,系列包括運動營養、減肥瘦身、腸道健康益生菌、多種維他命、精油香薰等,其中以腸道健康、排毒、整腸、消化方面的保健品及營養補充品最為出色,所有產品均由GMP規格生產商製造,無論品質、安全性及有效性均達到世界最高標準。

Why we do

Nutri Express Online致力於在世界搜羅最優質、最安全、最有效的保健產品及美容護膚產品,希望將健康與美麗帶給所有人。

How we do

Nutri Express Online透過互聯網,以最新的銷售手法將健康帶給大家。

As a new team member

Job Responsibilities:
- Create and produce entertaining and yet inspiring video shows (Facebook / Youtube live)
- Be the brand ambassador to feature and be featured across all content formats
- Produce all social content, including visuals, short videos and copy and should bring an entrepreneurial approach to expanding the brand’s influence and impact
- Organise and host events for our community

Job Requirements:
- Active social media channels with lifestyle contents
- First rate editorial judgement and demonstrable skills as a writer with ability to generate original ideas for creative and engaging content across text, video and social platforms
- Experience in executing commercial partnerships to develop content in meeting mutual business objectives

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Full Time / Freelance Digital Content Creator
Nutri Express Online