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Hi, come join us if you wanna do something disruptive.

Tree3 Health

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What we do

TREE3 Health is a smart health platform that collects and analyses health data to empower users' monitoring and management of their personal health. TREE3 Health covers all biomarkers data, food and nutritional intakes, medications, vitals, family history and medical history. We then deliver personalised health knowledge and actionable insights to help users build healthy behaviours and reach better well-being.

Why we do

TREE3 Health is building towards a future where managing health is a part of everyday life. In the traditional doctoring cycle, healthcare is limited to acute care. People cannot access their health data nor frequently review their health status, and health practitioners lack comprehensive patient background information.

We aim to bridge this insufficiency on health data management and bring a pre-emptive smart health assistant for both users and health practitioners.

How we do

The rise of smartphones supercharged the growth of Health Technologies and created an entirely new standard of consumer convenience.

Still, most people are still struggling to enjoy healthcare services at their convenience and lack the means to take care of their own health outside traditional medical institutes. Practitioners cannot check on patients’ compliance nor coordinate a multidisciplinary health team for the patients. Patients lack round-the-clock support from medical professionals and cannot adjust their own daily health behaviours accordingly.

At TREE3 Health, we believe that building this platform required a willingness to challenge these orthodoxies and to reinvent— even disrupt—ourselves. We aim to bridge this market inefficiency by bringing a medically-accurate one-stop solution to the market. We are building a pre-emptive smart health assistant for both users and health practitioners to challenge the traditional doctoring cycle.

As a new team member

Mobile App Engineer

- Develop features for web/mobile apps
- Take initiative in our agile development process
- Work in a collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchical and ego-free culture where your talent is valued over your job title.

- Experience of using ReactNative or other similar frameworks
- Experience working on frontend/ backend of mobile applications
- Experience/ Degrees related to computer science, information engineering, mathematics, or other similar fields.
- Experience with or willing to learn cross-browser, cross-platform, and design constraints on the web and mobile, and how to solve both common and uncommon problems.

You’ll Have An Advantage If You Have the Following Experience
- Experience working in technology start-ups
- Experience with other mobile native languages such as Swift or Objective-C
- Have built beautiful visualisations with smooth animations for mobile or web.
- If you are familiar with Extreme Programming and Continuous Delivery concepts and best practices like: Pair Programming, Continuous Integration, Infrastructure as code and Test Driven Development (TDD).
Cloud computing, data science or information security.
- Mobile-first design principles and building cross-platform Android and iOS applications.
- Building an inclusive and diverse culture in which everyone can succeed.

- Flexible working arrangements - remote/WFH available
- The opportunity to be one of the first members of our in-house technology team, working directly with our CTO
- Ownership of projects - you will take responsibility for a project from day one

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Tree3 Health

Hi, come join us if you wanna do something disruptive.
Tree3 Health