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Business Development
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  • シンガポール出身。上智大学国際教養学部卒業後、株式会社電通名鉄コミュニケーションズに新卒入社し、トヨタ自動車と中華系タイヤ製造企業の販売促進及びブランディングの広告代理業務を従事。トヨタ自動車レクサスのオーナー様リテンション向上をKPIに設定し、ブランドマーケテイングとしてゴルフコンペ運営とレクサスマガジンの企画運営を担当。その他に、東京モーターショー、オートサロン、D1グランプリなどの自動車向けイベントでのクライアントブース運営とプレスメディア関係者のPR対応業務を行う。

  • Raymond Jung

  • 露口修

  • 自分は、日本に住む宇宙人だと思っています。





What we do

  • Musio is an A.I. based robot
  • Musio Store

AKA is a startup developing its own A.I. engine Muse and robot Musio in order to help improve communication among objects. The technology integrates artificial intelligence and big data to more effectively deliver essential communication tools, such as speaking, writing, facial expressions, and gestures that are often overlooked.

Since 2017, with sales partner SoftBank, we expanded our business and provide English educational services within the Asian market, foreseeing an opportunity in the English education industry. Our product and services allow users to experience and learn native English by speaking-oriented systems embedded.

In 2020, we partnered with Kimini, an online English learning service provider, and launched a study from home English learning service for elementary students.

SoftBank C&S, SoftBank Robotics, Gakken, KDDI, Global Vision, Takashimaya, Kyoto University, NHK, ALC, etc.

Gakken Plus, Formation 8, etc. ($12M raised)

Why we do

  • Musio, your curious new friend
  • Musio story

Our mission is to facilitate better communication between all things, including human beings with artificial intelligence and robots. We aim to do so by bringing into the market Musio, an A.I. robot specialized in enhancing education and healthcare needs, eventually becoming the next real-life Doraemon and Astro Boy so that human beings and robots can interact and live within the same society together.

We've been actively working on building up Musio from technical, business, and creative aspects to further pursuit the society of humans and social robots.

・Broadening Musio functionality.
・Developing partnership with education and healthcare industry
・Storytelling the Musio character.

One day, Musio will act as a social robot in every household to support lives in various ways.

How we do

  • AKA Office with Musio
  • AKA global members

AKA is a global startup, with locations and employees around the world including the US (Finance), Korea (engineering), Japan (business, sales, and marketing), and China (sales and marketing).

We have various talented members including a serial entrepreneur (CEO), former co-founder of a $1Billion company, senior engineers from big tech firms, bright interns.

【Team background】
Harvard, Yale, Stanford, MIT, UC Berkeley, UIUC, UCLA, Univ. of Tubingen, Univ. of Tokyo, Kyoto Univ., Cairo Univ., SNU, KAIST, POSTECH, Max Planck Institute for Physics, Samsung, Google, NHN, Sony, Boston Consulting Group, Merrill Lynch, Dentsu

Our business office is located in Tokyo, Japan, working with great talents from around the world with backgrounds working for consulting firms, private equity firms, advertising agencies, and striving to become the next unicorn company.

As a new team member

・Management and operation in AI SaaS product/service for growth.
・Work effectively with C-Level decision makers and global office to develop long term strategic relationships.
・Other duties may be assigned (ie. IPO preparation, IR)

・3+ years experience at a strategic or financial consulting firm;
・Language: Business proficiency in writing and speaking in English;
・Strong partner management skills and ability to manage projects and requests end-to-end;
・Logical and structural thought leader;
・Excellent communication skills, ability to recognize needs, and concerns of external stakeholders.

Highlighted stories

マンガでわかるMusio EDGEプログラムの実態
Musio(ミュージオ)が占い師になる!?Flash Cardsシリーズに、「Tarot Cards(タロットカード)」が新登場!!
世界初の英語学習プログラムMusio EDGEをEmmaが体験!
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Company info
  • Founded on 2015/11
  • 50 members
  • Expanding business abroad /
    Funded more than $1,000,000 /
    Featured on TechCrunch /
  • 東京都渋谷区渋谷1-23-21 co-lab渋谷キャスト
  • Join us! Business Director