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We are seeking a Software Engineer for our International Team to help GLOBALISE Wantedly!

Wantedly, Inc. (Singapore)

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  • As an aspiring entrepreneur and person with liking and interest in the business processes, I like to see software development through 'business eyes', with a keen interest in the application beyond development - the business solution served. I enjoy working in a challenging environment and have a...

  • アイルランド国立大学人文学部を卒業し、現在アメリカ・カナダ大学連合で日本語を学んでおりますバーク・エイミーと申します。私はアイルランド出身で、2015年に大学を卒業してからすぐJETプログラム(語学指導等を行う外国青年招致事業)で、3年間香川県の教育委員会にALTとして勤めました。その間に、日本文化への理解が深まり、日本語能力も高まるにつれて責任を与えられ、香川県で暮らしているJETの参加者の代表になり、1年間ALT(外国語指導助手)の勤務しながらその任務も果たしました。2018年にアイルランドに帰国し、イギリスの旅行会社にジャパン・スペシャリストとして入社しました。そこでクライアントの...

  • ✔ Global interests in Ecosystems, Investments, Trade, Economics and Entrepreneurship.

    ✔ Passionate about Digital Belt and Road, Philanthropy and Volunteerism, Tourism and Hospitality, Start ups, Food & Beverage, Bowling and Liverpool Football Club.

    ✔ Cumulative professional and entrepreneurial ...

What we do

  • Members from Singapore

Wantedly is a social networking and recruitment platform that connects companies and talent who share the same values and vision. We currently provide two main products, Wantedly Visit and Wantedly People.

Wantedly Visit allows you to discover and visit companies who share your values. We have around 30,000 companies registered on our service, most of whom are startups or SMEs with big dreams for the future. Working together we pursue a simple goal: increase the number of people who enjoy their work.

Wantedly People is a business card scanning app that organizes your contacts and helps you maintain your network. With over 100 million business cards scanned and counting, we are strengthening and deepening the connections between people.

We believe in boldness. We are committed to creating a world where work drives passion and that means going abroad and taking on new challenges. We currently have offices in Tokyo, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and we are continuing to grow!

Why we do

  • Join our International Tribe and Create a World Where Work Drives Passion with us


This literally translates to “Increase the number of people whose hearts dance due to work”. Simply put; we want to help you find work that you love.

Traditional matching between employers and job seekers happens based on salary and benefits. We believe this draws talent away from where it can flourish. Bringing the correct talent to a job that suits their values and inspires them, will enable them to unlock their true potential.

For the job seeker, we know there is a company out there who wants you for who you are. For the company, we know there is a candidate who loves what you do. Our vision of the future is one where they can easily find each other, and together we can build a world where work drives passion.

How we do

  • Wantedly celebrates turning 10 years old back in 2019

At Wantedly, we want to have a visible impact on society. We want to change the way we find work and put people in positions where they can thrive. If we can produce real results at work then that will take us ever closer to our purpose. If we can understand how we produced those results, we can realize how we improved upon ourselves and grew. For us, that is what makes our "hearts dance" at work.

To help us do the above, we have tried to create an organization that allows each individual to focus, produce results and then realize their growth. In order for this to happen at work we need Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose.

This is when members can use their working environment to act upon decisions they made independently. Letting people make decisions, and then take ownership of those decisions is key to allowing people to produce results. If you are constantly being micromanaged you cannot focus.

Being good at something makes people happy. So, we hope to create an organization where people can feel and see themselves improving and growing. Understanding your growth, and how you achieved it is key!

To create a world where work drives passion! We believe in this. If you do too, come and work with us!

As a new team member

It’s been ten years since Wantedly launched, and with the success of the platform in Japan, our goal is to bring our UI and UX to global standards, and evangelize our product worldwide. Our international expansion is still in its early stages and we are constantly seeking to improve our product overseas. To this end, we are seeking a talented engineer for our international team to help in creating a World Where Work Drives Passion!

【What is it like to work at Wantedly?】

At Wantedly, we highly value autonomy. You’ll be able to truly make your projects your own, and have the freedom to use any new tools or technologies you want. In this role, you’ll be working with the Japan team, but also closely with our team in Hong Kong and Singapore to maintain and build upon our international product.

【Languages we use】

Ruby (Rails), Go, JavaScript/Typescript (React)
Infra: Go, Python
Machine learning: Python
Data storage: PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Redis
Base: AWS, Kubernetes, Docker


Experience with Ruby, or any other dynamic object-oriented language
Experience with GitHub and comfortable with Git
Solid understanding of algorithms and data structures
Experience building a backend for a web application
Experience with relational databases and fluency with SQL


Ruby on Rails experience
Front-end development experience using React or similar frameworks
Experience across the full development cycle, having built or improved a complete project by yourself
Experience using Docker and Kubernetes
Experience working with microservices architecture

【Who we need】

Somebody who likes to work autonomously towards challenging goals
Someone who can communicate effectively in English (written and spoken) and has conversational level Japanese
Somebody who's interested in learning about new technologies
This is a role based in Tokyo, Japan

If this sounds like you, click 'I'm interested!' to apply and speak with our HR from our HQ in Tokyo!

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  • We are seeking a Software Engineer for our International Team to help GLOBALISE Wantedly!
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