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  • Raymond Yang

What we do

  • 「人與人之間的相處,是一門高深學問。有對話並不一定代表有溝通,有時候可能只是各說各的,彼此都以為對方明白,但實際上卻從未了解過對方。「善意溝通」是一套溝通的心法,讓對話雙方可以心平氣和地交談,明白彼此的感受和需要。」— 「JUST FEEL 感講」
  • 說來巧合,三名聯合創始人,雖是來自不同背景的中文大學畢業生;例如Anthony魏敬國,曾經在一家美資投資銀行工作,而Matthew郭梓樂及Raymond楊思毅,則曾任「Teach For Hong Kong」的項目教師;卻能殊途同歸,共踐理想,一起創辦了「JUST FEEL 感講」這個非牟利機構。

JUST FEEL was founded by Anthony Ngai, Raymond Yang and Matthew Kwok - they are all alumni from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Raymond and Matthew were both Teaching Fellows from Teach For Hong Kong.

When they were teaching in a primary school, they realised that students were not able to express themselves and thus came into conflicts with classmates often. And Educators and parents play a vital role in shaping children’s self and social awareness.

Why we do

  • 一個人在社會上若想取得成功,所需要的不但是學科方面的知識,也需要同理心、情緒管理和表達感受等方面的能力,也即是「社交情緒能力」。「JUST FEEL 感講」致力為香港的每一個小朋友,提供更優質的社交情緒教育。
  • 「我們以『感講』作為機構的命名,好像表示『勇敢說話的意思』,但事實上,亦有暗喻『說出內心的感受』。因此,勇敢地把內心的感受表達出來,就是我們的宗旨,也是我們踏出社交情緒教育的第一步。」

At JUST FEEL, we believe compassionate communication is crucial for the next-gen in Hong Kong to be mentally healthy. With a holistic, preventive, systematic and affordable approach, we empower educators and parents to embrace feelings and needs. In collaboration with schools, we effectively and efficiently cultivate the culture of compassionate communication.

Our approach:
1) Compassionate School Program - Teachers Training that enables and empower teachers to be more confident, proactive and skillful to build better connections with students, deal with their emotional needs and resolve their conflicts

2) Workshops - Parents Training that supports parent-child communication and introduces strategies for resolving parent-child conflicts

3) Just Feel 感受需要卡 - 一套逾60張的感受需要卡,把抽象的情緒和需要圖像化,讓孩子在「開心」和「不開心」以外,有更多更精準的語彙來表達所思所感。

How we do

  • Raymond 說:「我希望令更多學生受惠。」比起在校當教師,他們認為以制度外的角色來推廣情緒教育會較有效,可以在更短時間內接觸到更多師生。Matthew還補充:「一個人去改變(香港教育文化)係好難,但如果同一斑志同道合嘅人,加上好多校長、教育界嘅人支持,喺咁好嘅機會之下就應該把握佢。」
  • 「人與人之間真正的連結並非來自發生衝突時忍氣吞聲,而是把矛盾舒服自在地表達出來,有意識有技巧地溝通。先處理雙方的感受和需要,再解決事情,往往事半功倍。」

We hope every school and family can practice compassionate communication, every educator and parent can nurture children with relationship building instead of reward and punishment, and every child can resolve conflicts by expressing their feelings and needs comfortably.

As a new team member

Duties and Responsibilities
• Day-to-day training in local school focusing on social-emotional learning and compassionate communication
• Liaise with school representatives to determine school needs and evaluate the current stage of compassionate school culture
• Design JUST FEEL’s holistic solutions to school (i.e. teachers training, curriculum, relationship-building activities, and environment redesign)
• Provide public training sessions and workshops mainly for educators, parents (and students occasionally)
• Prepare educational materials such as slides, summaries, notes, videos etc
• Manage training budgets and other preparation works
• Conduct detailed evaluations and generate annual reports

Desired Qualities
• Strong interest in education & children's mental health
• Willingness to learn and grow quickly
• A good team player and also able to work independently
• Strong experience in leading, organizing, facilitating events or activities is critical

Good to Have
• Experience on Compassionate Communication is a plus
• Prior teaching experience is a plus

If you LOVE challenges and you are not afraid to take this one then feel free to apply through the "Want to Visit" button and drop us a line ✌

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  • JOIN US if you are passionate about Education and be able to thrive in a start-up culture!
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