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Overseas marketing staff !


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  • 株式会社BACKS(BACKS, Inc.)

    ミクチャ事業部 副部長

  • 2014年4月 慶應義塾大学商学部を卒業後、新卒でみずほ銀行に入社。
    2016年1月 株式会社リクルートキャリアに転職。
    2020年1月 株式会社Donutsに転職。

  • 2015年〜


What we do

  • A strategic business company that supports the Donuts Group's marketing department.
  • A new company launched by the president of a subsidiary of one of the largest Internet advertising companies

The Donuts Group is an up-and-coming company in the IT industry, which is currently expanding its B2B(Business to Business) business (Jobcan, CLIUS) and B2C(Business to Customer) business (MixChannel, mobile games), as well as other areas.
In order to strengthen marketing and promotion of each product, we are setting up an advertising agency as a strategic business opportunity.
The founder is a former president of a subsidiary of one of the largest Internet advertising companies.
At the moment, we have started operating only for Donuts Group's digital advertising. But we are aiming to become a legitimate digital marketing company that represents businesses across Japan.

Why we do

  • More efficient back office operations used by more than 80,000 companies! Cloud type management application "Jobcan".
  • "Mix Channel", the source of youth culture and fashion.

Donuts Group spends hundreds of millions of yen every year in digital advertisements, TV commercials, taxi advertisements, ad vehicles as well as other forms of advertisements.

We have implemented various marketing measures. With the marketing data that has been accumulated so far, and by combining the know-how and skills cultivated through in-house services of B2B and B2C, we believe that we can develop more valuable marketing measures.

Start with your own promotion,
By expanding into Donuts competitors’ markets,
Starting with live streaming business (MixChannel)
A market with a lot of room for growth
For the Donuts group to become a leading player
I'm sure it can be a big pillar.

How we do

  • Tokyo 7th Sisters
  • BLACK STAR -Theater Starless-

◆Recruitment of founding members◆

Since it is a new company,
The organizational structure is currently being finalised,
By the end of the year, 25 salespeople, 15 ad managers, and 10 web designers
Will be recruited and we are planning to expand the workforce so we are actively hiring now.

As a new team member

For the United States, United Kingdom, Spain, South Korea, Thailand,
Leveraging from local cultural understanding and language skills
We are looking for candidates who can expand the promotion!

★Main business contents
・Overseas promotion of business using various search engines such as Google
・Overseas promotion of business on various SNS such as Facebook and Twitter
・Execution of various online/offline marketing measures

① Be able to speak any of the following 5 languages ​​at the native level
・American English
・British English
② Communication ability in Japanese
(JLPT N1 or N2)
③ University graduate or higher

・Marketing interests
・Growth motivation and learning motivation

・Those who can play an active part as a startup member of a new company
・Those who can work in a company with a sense of urgency
・Those who can work under their own initiative and direction

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Company info
  • Founded on 2007/02
  • 300 members
  • Expanding business abroad /
    Featured on TechCrunch /
  • 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Odakyu Southern Tower 8F
  • Overseas marketing staff !