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Server-Side Engineer Wanted!!


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  • 執行役員 管理本部長

  • CTO

  • Takaaki Nagano

  • 李萌亮と申します、中国から参りました。

What we do

  • in 2019, we moved out Head Office to Tenjin
  • This is cafe space in the office. we have lunch and welcome or farewell party here.

Our mission is making IT familiar to people.
Our vision is becoming solution company to make people smile.

By using mobile and cloud technology well, which is our strength, we want to achieve the vision and the mission above,

Our main business is to develop「CLOMO」which is EMM(Enterprise Mobile Management)/MDM (Mobile Device Management).

「CLOMO」is a platform for corporations using smart devices safely and effectively.

「CLOMO」has been top share in MDM (Mobile Device Management) market *.
(*: Referenced from MIC Research institute 「Market Prospect of Collaboration/Contents・Mobile management Package software」FY 2011-2017, 「MIC IT Report January, 2020」Shipment value FY 2018 and FY 2019 )

Why we do

  • We have Award system.
  • In once a half year, all employees gather in Tokyo/Fukuoka at Employee general meeting

We consider that work style in Japan can be much better by using the technology of mobile and cloud, which is our strength.

We have seen many examples that our users changed their work style greatly by introducing CLOMO and application for smart devices.

For example, by introducing smart device, you can save time to pick up some documents, make your bag lighter, save time to look up the information you need.

However there are still more rooms to improve from the view of effective utilization of mobile device.

We want to help changing corporations' work style and make more smile, by mobile and cloud technology and our experience.

How we do

  • We have in-house Hackathon.
  • We have CLOMO user meeting once a year.

▼Engineering Team
There are many engineers who experienced IT companies especially B2B.
「CLOMO」is developed mainly by our engineer teams in Fukuoka Head Office.
(we also work together with some development partners)
They like software development, at the same time, they tend to improve their skills for customer success. So it can be said, our team is customer driven.

▼ Business team
Most of business members are in Tokyo.
We mainly provide 「CLOMO」through sales partners, so our business teams working for making
relation ship with the partners, proposing sales promotion.
Our business teams knows about our product and peripheral equipment very well, so we can provide good service to customers.

▼Corporate Team
Our Corporate teams are mostly in Fukuoka, Head Office.
Our CFO is Mr. Arimori who were LCC Japan subsidiary CFO.
Our Corporate administration division head is a young member who joined us as new graduate 9 years ago.

For making better team, we want new members to join.
If you are interested in, please contact us!

As a new team member

We welcome engineers who develop CLOMO.

▼Recommended skills
- Experience in Object Orientated server-side development
- Understanding of importance of unit test for code quality
- Strong ownership for team and project result

▼welcomed skills
- Experience in server-side Development using Ruby / Ruby on Rails
- Experience in front-end Development using Java script or modern framework/library
- Experience and knowledge about design and implementation Web API

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  • Server-Side Engineer Wanted!!