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Mind Advancement

What we do


Join our Mission to impart the Art of Mind Advancement to the world!

Led by Sean Sena and his brilliant business partner Andrea X Lum, the Mind Advancement Academy™ helps sales professionals and sales teams to overcome burnout, heal from emotional burdens and transform themselves for extraordinary success.

We offer events, programs and products—all based on years of research, study and application of New Thought—to advance the Minds of salespeople and allow them to tap into their own inner genius and step into their greatest versions.

Why we do

Our goal is to help 500’000 sales professionals completely heal from burnout and emotional burdens, advance their minds and lead balanced, fulfilling and abundant lives by their design by 31 december 2020.

How we do

TOTAL RESPONSIBILITY. Are you a leader that assumes total responsibility for your success in both your career and personal life?

EXTREME OWNERSHIP. Do you follow through and do everything in your power to ensure that you have fulfilled said responsibilities?

PREEMINENCE. Are you capable of taking total responsibility for the success of your clients, in the spirit of Service?

INSIDE-OUT THINKING. Are you spiritually or self-improvement minded? Do you go for short-term quick fixes, or are you committed to develop and advance yourself for the long-term?

COMPLETE CONGRUENCE. Do you LIVE what you study and teach? Are your goals, conscience and vehicle powerfully aligned?

WHITE BELT MENTALITY. Are you coachable, committed and consistent every step of the way?

TEAM PLAYER. Do you work well in teams that are exceptionally dedicated to excellence?

As a new team member

Design your own lifestyle and determine your own hours as an Enrollment Coach. Work remotely from anywhere in the world with a phone, computer and internet connection. This means that you will be working from home or any location of your choice. You may also join us at our Singapore head office. Qualified prospects will be delivered to you for Enrollment Calls. You may be required to generate your own leads in the beginning. Proper training, guidance and support will be provided. This is a FULL-TIME position. Strictly NO part-timers!

What You’ll Do:
Our leads are booked directly into your calendar ☺
You’ll then speak with these pre-qualified prospects over the phone
You can do this remotely, from anywhere in the world
If the prospect is a perfect fit for our company, serve and enroll them, then take home an excellent commission ☺
Our system provides excellent backup with case studies that make closing a breeze

Who we're looking for:
We don’t require you to have any certifications or experience
As long as you have a great attitude, we will train and groom you for excellence
You must desire to possess all the qualities listed in our Company Culture

Tell us:
1. Why do you want to be part of this team
2. In your own words, demonstrate your understanding of the importance of Mind and how it relates to progress in our lives

We’re looking for the best heart-centered enrollment coaches to be on this team.
This is going to be a challenging and fulfilling journey with us.

Do you have what it takes?

Please apply only if you are able to fully commit to this role. Shortlisted candidates will be notified and invited to attend an interview with us.

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Mind Advancement