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UI/UX Design
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You’ll be instrumental insetting our design standards and high-level design direction of the company.


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  • Former investor and finance professional, now startup operator

    Based in Hong Kong

What we do

Reap is a platform that allows Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to pay all operating expenses (ie. rent, salaries, suppliers, etc.) using a credit card. Through credit cards, SMES would gain instant access to inexpensive capital and immediately improve operational cash flow/working capital. Founded by an early Stripe employee and a former investor in emerging markets Asia, Reap looks to leverage transaction data and existing banking relationships to build a full stack credit-based payments system for all SMEs.

Why we do

Reap wants to realize the potential and impact of the SME segment. We have created a platform that enables growth for SMEs through access to instant credit.

How we do

**Self awareness**

- Be aware of and accept your own faults and shortcomings
- Start by seeking for opinions, experiences and help from others
- Asking for help is a form of strength rather than weakness

**Seek learning**

- be obsessed with learning, development and self improvement
- Get takeaways with every decision (product, engineering, sales, etc) you make and strive to improve regardless of the outcome
- Demonstrate learning by deliberately choosing to be the strongest listener in the room

**Always be candid**

- Communicate with openness and transparency
- Be extremely caring and extremely direct and understand that it is a privilege to receive feedback from the team
- When in doubt, choose to overcommunicate and risk being repetitive in order to ensure mutual understanding

**Bias to action**

- Getting an outcome (whether positive or negative) creates opportunities for learning and is almost always a better decision than searching for the optimal answer
- Instead of thinking about the optimal decision making process, we should set-up quick, action oriented experiments so that (incorrect) decisions can be changed if needed
- Fast speed of execution is Reap's biggest competitive advantage against larger companies with more resources
- That said, before we make a decision, we should still aim to ask why often by thinking through first principles, playing devil's advocate and staying curious in general.

**Strive for quality and ownership**

- If needed, we should feel comfortable in reducing the scope of work as a tradeoff for quality
- Almost every single aspect of Reap could be improved so we encourage folks to take initiative in going above and beyond to look for these improvements

As a new team member

Reap is looking for our first full-time designer!

We at Reap are looking for motivated people, comfortable within a flexible early start-up environment,capable of taking initiative and driving new ideas forward. As our first designer, you’ll be instrumental insetting our design standards and high-level design direction of the company. You’ll take ownership ofthe large part of the Reap product and work closely with the Product, Business and Engineering team inthe entire product development process, from user research to Sketch to launch.

Reap prides itself as a hyper product centric business. We aim to make good decisions based oncustomer feedback, principles in design and experimentation while balancing short and long term goals.If you not only care about the visual aesthetics and details, but also have deep empathy for how usersinteract with our product and want to do whatever it takes improve their experience, we would love chat further!

Your day-to-day:
●Design intuitive flow, wireframes, prototypes, and design mockups that lead to products whichdelight our users
●Contribute to high-level strategic decisions with the product team
●Collaborate closely with Product, Growth and Engineering teams to get a deeper understandingof customer needs
●Be comfortable in proactively experimenting with the design direction of the company

Here’s what we’re looking for:
●An excellent communicator and influencer who can work well with various groups and levels ofthe organization
●Demonstrated experience with the full range of product design, interaction design, and visual design
●A portfolio featuring examples of your design work
●Bonus: experience working in a startup

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  • You’ll be instrumental insetting our design standards and high-level design direction of the company.