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Media and Communications Officer
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Looking for a caring person to become our Media and Communications Officer!

Resolve Foundation

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  • Victoria Wisniewski Otero

What we do

Resolve was founded in 2017 with one question in mind: in an age of increasing polarization and intolerance, how can we build more inclusive and accepting societies? Resolve tackles the root causes of inequality by investing in emerging community leaders to drive social change for a more inclusive Hong Kong. We believe in inclusive social change, community empowerment and advancing equality in Asia’s world city.

We provide fellowships to emerging leaders from marginalized and underrepresented communities to empower them to be change-makers and social catalysts.

Why we do

Hong Kong is a vibrant and diverse place, but it is also the most unequal city in the developed world; many groups persist in a vicious cycle of disempowerment.

Our philosophy

Inclusive social change
Regardless of their background, everyone should be valued and respected. We believe that changing perceptions of marginalized communities starts by amplifying their voices. We do not give instructions - we provide our fellows with the tools, platform, inspiration, and resources to build their confidence, elevate their voice and lead the inclusive social change they wish to see for their communities.

Community empowerment
We train people to be effective spokespeople for their communities, create a safe space for community leaders to learn from each other, and foster networks to build bridges across communities and with general society. We encourage collaboration led by individuals from marginalized and underrepresented groups. We believe that a service delivery approach is necessary but not enough to tackle the most pressing social challenges in Hong Kong.

Advancing Equality
Through our fellowship themes, we aim to raise more awareness on the often-neglected issues related to marginalization and exclusion to build a more equal, just and inclusive society. Rather than advocating on any one cause, by being diligent and uncompromising on the ongoing support we offer our fellows, we are building up the next generation of social justice leaders from diverse causes and backgrounds to be part of the solution.

How we do

Resolve's signature fellowship model combines leadership development, human rights education and campaigning skills, focusing on a specific social justice theme every year. Our inaugural fellowship program took place in 2018 on the theme of racial equality and inclusion, bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. Our fellows go through group workshops, receiving one-to-one mentoring and work on a final project. To understand more about our model and our first fellowship, watch this video.

As a new team member

Resolve is looking for a full-time Media & Communications Officer to join our growing and collaborative team, supporting our fellows to get media coverage to make their voices heard in society and communicating to a wide array of audiences the value of Resolve’s fellowship model. If you

- understand the power of traditional and new forms of media to raise awareness on human rights, social justice and inclusion, when harnessed positively as a force for good;

- has direct experience working with the press and are also a digital native;

- are a great storyteller, who loves to support grassroots people in the community to tell their story in an empowering way, with clarity, confidence, care and conviction; and

- are able to think of thoughtful and strategic ways to translate complex social justice concepts into relatable multimedia story content and have a knack for identifying and seizing reactive opportunities in the news cycle.

This is a chance to be part of an up-and-coming NGO where you can leave a legacy, build the media capacity of emerging leaders and apply your communications skills to building a more tolerant society for all.

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Looking for a caring person to become our Media and Communications Officer!
Resolve Foundation