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Let's build a product with Scala!!


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  • 2012年3月に筑波大学理工学群社会工学類経営工学専攻卒業。学生インターンシップ時代に「エンジニア」領域に特化した支援事業を株式会社ギブリーにて立ち上げ、入社。現在は取締役を務める。オンラインプログラミング学習・試験ツール等の自社サービスを立ち上げ、同社のHR tech部門を管掌。また、日本最大規模の学生ハックイベント、JPHACKSの組織委員会幹事を務めるなど、若い世代のイノベーターの発掘・支援にも取り組んでいる。

  • 日本国内におけるHeroku導入の第一人者。「エンジニアの育成・評価プラットフォーム構築のため、フルスタックエンジニアとしてジョイン。現在はエンジニア向けのプロダクトの開発をメインで実施しながら、各プロジェクトの開発効率化や新しい開発スタイルの導入も務める。英会話ガチで勉強中。メキメキとしゃべっている。

  • 金融システム開発の SIer から 30 歳を過ぎて Web アプリケーションエンジニア に転身。大小様々なプロジェクト経験を経て、アットウェアに入社。アーキテクトやテックリードの立ち位置で各種開発プロジェクトを支えたり、社内の情報共有基盤の構築などの改善活動を行った後、CTOに就任。
    個人ではオープンソース活動を積極的に行っており、Facebook4J 等のソフトウェアを公開・メンテナンスをライフワークとしている。

Why we do

  • We liken engineers to athletes, and we envision our service `track` to be the platform where they can prove themselves.

We are the HR Tech Division of Givery Inc, and our vision is to empower engineers. Our mission is to build a new career development and empowerment ecosystem for engineers and entrepreneurs in Japan, with aspirations to expand to Asia.

We aim to achieve this through our core businesses of consulting, recruitment, education, and organizing hackathons. We develop and operate platforms that educate the next generation of engineers, and ensure that engineering job applicants are fairly evaluated. We are always looking to create new products and services that will add value to both the engineering community and to society at large, and we need a passionate UX designer to realize this!

We currently provide the following services:

CODEPREP is an educational programming web service where anyone can learn to code in HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Scala, Ruby, etc.

We develop and operate an automated engineer skill evaluation service that enables businesses to fairly and accurately assess candidates. We believe that through a fairer skill assessment process, we can alleviate many of the challenges both employers and engineers face in Japan's current hiring environment.

We organize an annual hackathon league called JPHACKS.
JPHACKS is one of the largest hackathons in Japan for students, and we inspire hundreds of university students every year to tackle social problems through software.

How we do

  • Our bi-annual company retreat this Spring was in Izu. Super swank!

The majority of our team is Japanese, but we diverse international folk are very much part of the team, and proud of it!

Our team currently includes:
- About 30 people
- A flock of foreign developers
- 7 nationalities
- 3 returnees
- Way too many proudly newborn parents

As a new team member

We are looking for a developer who love to build a product with Scala.

【About the Job】
We are looking for a passionate Backend Developer who is motivated to build a product with Scala. Responsibilities will include implementing API, improving a product from customer's feedback.
You will work with the UI/UX designer, Frontend engineers, taking an active role on both sides and defining how the application works.

- Develop, improve new/existing features.
- Perform full lifecycle of software development.
- Review code and assess code quality.
- Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders.
- Manage individual project priorities, deadlines and deliverables.

- Experience developing user facing and/or business facing web applications.
- Experience with back end technologies and/or back end frameworks such as Playframework.
- Experience with Agile style development.
- Experience with DevOps process and tools such as Git, AWS, Docker, etc.
- Good understanding of Caching, popular communication protocols, web server optimization techniques.

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  • Let's build a product with Scala!!