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Project Manager
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Let's Create Amazing Experiences!


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  • Takayuki Nagai
    Director of Design

  • 株式会社BIRDMAN代表 / Creative Director / Art Director
    Univ.NSW, College of Fine Art, Bachelor of Design卒業 (Sydney Australia)。デザイナーとしてSydneyの広告制作会社にて活動。1998年に来日しグラフィックデザイナーとして活動後Flashにはまりインタラクティブ制作を始め2004年にスパイス・グラフィックスを立ち上げる。2009年にBIRDMANに社名を変更し現在に至る。インタラクティブを中心に、あらゆる手段を使って人を動かす提案をすることが出来る。広告は大好きだが、なに造...

  • DJ、グラフィック/ウェブデザイナーを経て、2010年よりアートディレクターとしてBIRDMANに所属。主な実績として、Nissan /JUKE、PUMA / Run Navi、KIRIN / Mets、Uniqlo / UU Map、Intel / Pop Up Theater、Sony / Sound Premium、資生堂 / TSUBAKI、ANA / ANA Planet、Asahi Kasai / Ziploc、など他多数。カンヌ国際広告祭、ONE SHOW、NY Festival、FWAなど多くの広告受賞歴あり。

  • Masaharu Miyasaka

What we do

  • 是非サイトをご覧ください。https://www.birdman.ne.jp/main.html#top

Installing Crazy Ideas Everywhere!

BIRDMAN is an acclaimed Tokyo based digital experience studio specializing in interactive media, responsive design and technology driven projects. From thrilling VR experiences and installations to breathtaking CG movies, our team utilizes innovative technology to bring an extra edge to marketing campaigns for the world's biggest and greatest brands.From software to hardware, our only boundary is that the ideas be brought to life using digital tech, made possible by housing professionals of various fiends all under one roof.

With over 350 international awards under our belt, including Gold at Cannes Lions, Grand Prix at Clio Sports, Gold at One Show and Grand Prix at Spikes Asia, we strive to push boundaries and deliver crazy ideas to the world.

▼Feel free to check our website for more info!

▼The FWA Hall of Fame

▼Showreel 2015-2018

Why we do

  • 打ち合わせスペースの様子
  • ワークスペースの様子

From web to interactive physical installation, our field has no limits. Software or hardware, our motto is to challenge ourselves to create something no one has ever experienced.

We challenge ourselves to do something new, in every project that we work on.
Here you can check some of our recent projects:
▼Neural Jazz
▼Calpis® (Calpico) on Tap
▼NHK Athletes in Motion

How we do

We believe Millennials in particular want to feel a sense of purpose when it comes to their job, they want to come to work and feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves. An officedesign can help nurture that, it reminds them why they’re there and why this brand is important to the world.
Here at Birdman we like being in the office. But not necessarily for its style, though we are proud of it. It is more personal: we have put in the sweat, time and the creativity to make it what it is.

We use the central space and the roof terrace for so many fun team events—like BBQs, cocktail evenings, pizza parties…it contains the feeling of the memories we’ve made and the fun we’ve had there. That’s what actually makes us happy here.

But, we do not want our staff to get too comfortable. So, among the many innovative policies Roy Ryo Tsukiji, our CEO, has developed one that sounds at first blush like a productivity nightmare: Every few months, the entire #seatingchart is redesigned. Everyone moves. But it is so much fun, because it also serves another useful purpose: Teams that will be working together most intensively the following months are most likely seated near each other. And it really unlocked some of our ability to work together faster, it made everything feel a lot more collaborative.

As a new team member

BIRDMAN is looking for bilingual Project Managers to join our amazing team!

At BIRDMAN, we house Creative Directors, Project Managers, Art Directors/ Designers, Technical Directors, Programmers, and Device Engineers. We work together as a team to create innovative projects, including but not limited to installations, branding, VR/MR/AR, prototyping, to convey a compelling storyline. Please check out our website for some of our past projects!

Project Managers have the unique chance to work alongside all aspects of the production and creative team at BIRDMAN.

▶︎Ideal Project Managers are:
Detail orientated
Schedule Management
Communication Skills

▶︎Required Skills:
English and Japanese proficiency (other languages a plus)
Have fun!

We are open to candidates regardless of their past experiences and job history/industry.
Please feel free reach out if you have any questions!

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  • Let's Create Amazing Experiences!