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Senior Python Developer
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Lead, grow, and create impact with our team as our next Python Developer!


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What we do

At TRUUUE, we’re constantly working towards a one common purpose – to make your landlord, buyer, seller and tenant journey a lot faster, easier, cost effective, hassle free and transparent. In short, we’re here to give you a much better property experience! TRUUUE uses technologies and AI based tools and brings together a true ecosystem partners that everybody would love.

And yes, in case you’re wondering, we’re TRUUUE, with not one, two, but three U’s in our name, because, well, we wanted the business to truuuly be about ‘U’, the buyer, the landlord and the tenant. U, U and U, get it? TRUUUE is a privately held company headquartered in Singapore.'

Why we do

True evolution within the industry requires transparency and accountability – and it begins right here, with us. At Truuue, we’ll always provide clear, accurate, and verifiable information, along with timely insights to aid your decision-making

How we do

We believe a fresh perspective is necessary to truly disrupt the industry, and creating impact in an industry this big can only be achieved through strategic partnerships. We’re always exploring solutions for other pain points in the real estate industry and are always ready to talk to other techpreneurs and real-estate industry players to execute the solutions promptly. We invite you to reach out to us.

As a new team member

We are a leading proptech startup with mission to fundamentally transform the way properties are transacted. We have a strong core engineering team which has been building some of most exciting new applications that are deployed commercially. We are looking to strengthen our team.

- With at least 4 years of experience in development work.
- Essential skills are Python, React, Elasticsearch and experience working with RESTful API and modern frameworks such as
- Django, ReactJS, and ReactNative.
- Must be familiar with working on a typical Cloud-based linux stack
- Preferably with a good eye for quality UI and UX.
- Work will include maintenance and continued development on existing services as well as new applications in our mission to build the most innovative platform in proptech.

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Lead, grow, and create impact with our team as our next Python Developer!