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Middle Level Android developer


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  • 大手EC事業者のAmazonにて、決済サービスの事業開発を担当。ライフスタイル分野にマーケットデザインの問題が大きいことに着目し、2015年3月にスタイラー株式会社を設立。未来の購買体験をアジアから作っていくことを目指す。日英のメガバンクにて法人取引、マーケティング、オペレーション設計の経験あり。Fintech、FashionTechを国内に紹介。経済産業省アパレル委員会。東京大学大学院修了。専攻は法とインターネットテクノロジー。学外では呉智英、浅羽通明に師事。

    photo :嶌村 吉祥丸 (Kisshomaru Shimamura)
    styling :Yamazaki Katsunari

  • Full stack front end engineer with Java in my blood and a deep relationship with OOP and Android. Got hooked up with programming in high school where I started optimizing ERP systems and where I designed BPM workflows from scratch. #🍦JS #Vue #Babel #Webpack #NodeJS #Kotlin #Sass #Less

  • iOS Engineer

  • My love for computers started with a Commodore 64. Since writing my first BASIC program I worked in the home appliance, the telecom and the e-commerce industry among others. I strive for clean code, good design and good atmosphere in my job. Sharing knowledge to lift others is my basic principle

What we do

With FACY, users can ask questions about fashion items they're interested in and shop assistants give them guidance. Users can buy items and communicate with shop staff through messaging.
We have caught the attention of the fashion industry and beyond by connecting the online and offline aspects and by allowing users to communicate with shop staff and then buy the item online.

[App Store](
[Google Play](

We are looking for highly motivated and passionate Android Developer to build New Retail Platform experience for customers.

Why we do

Although the lifestyle sector is aflood with e-commerce sites and apps, offline retail is still a core part of it. And in this giant realm of brick and mortar stores, there are many problems that have not yet been addressed.

・ There is information asymmetry between users and professionals (coordinating outfits, knowledge, form, materials etc.)
・Brick and mortar shops can only sit there on standby
・ Users find it difficult to get the information they want
・ Knowledge about users' usage is insufficient (attributes and buying patterns etc.)
・ Developing nations don't yet have proper service infrastructure

Our service is designed to solve these problems and provide new value to society.

【Our Mission】
“Create Future Shopping Experience”

The core value we provide is not buying apparel online.
Our aim is to redesign the apparel buying experience to make it user oriented.
Whether online of off line, we provide the best buying experience to users to contribute to enriching their lifestyles.

We are expanding our new retail platform “FACY” to Asia.

【Our values】
User Centric
This is to help all users.
The objective is to provide value to users by thoroughly orienting to them rather than our own interests.

As the environment changes daily, each person becomes a leader.
Each person thinks about and acts on what they can do for the team and for the organization to break through the limitations.

Go Beyond
Rather than thinking about the work in front of us or that we can see around us, we work backwards from the future and what has universal value to people and then take the necessary actions.

How we do

STYLER Inc. was founded in 2015.
Employees from over 8 different countries are already working at our office in Shibuya, Tokyo.
We are creating the buying experience of the future and expanding it not only in Japan but to all of Asia.
We will achieve this with the help of members with high aspirations and enthusiasm.

We're looking for team members who want to work with us and who share our goals.

If your interest has been piqued, feel free to have a chat with us!

As a new team member

Preferred requirements
Styler is looking for a mid to senior level Android developer who possesses a passion for pushing mobile technologies to the limits and will work with our team of talented international engineers to design and build the next generation of our mobile application.

You can expect to work on new and existing features such as:
- Location based SDKs
- Firebase platform (FCM, Authentication, Firestore, Remote Configuration)
- New payment systems, QR, NFC
- In-app messaging
- Checkout flow
- Image recognition, AI, data analysis, data classification and neural networks
- and many more...

Android developer responsibilities:
Design, build and test the Facy Android application
Ensure performance, stability and quality of the Facy Android application
Work together in an international team to elaborate, design, and implement new features
Troubleshoot code in terms of usability, reliability, and edge cases
Identify and fix bugs; continuously work on improving the apps performance
Estimate and implement features in an agile working environment
Integrate the application with backend tools, various cloud providers and APIs
Help to maintain code quality, organization and automation
Provide prototypes and proofs of concepts

Android developer requirements:
Bachelor’s or master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science, or other relevant technical fields
3+ years of working experience in the related field
Understanding of the Android mobile app development cycle
Understanding of UX/UI standards and the Google design principles
Profound knowledge of common architectures such as MVVM and MVC
Optimization and benchmarking skills, usage of testing frameworks
Experience with the Android SDK, RXJava, NDK, Kotlin

Desired skills:
Proficiency with the usage of major analytics, cloud messaging and reporting APIs
Understanding of CI/CD
Experience with SQL, JSON, XML, REST APIs
Creative thinking and taking initiatives
Familiarity with scrum and agile principles

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