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Business Development & Digital Marketing Executive

想係充滿挑戰嘅startup環境工作?唔怕醜?outgoing?想同成team人一齊玩? Join us!

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What we do

We are a startup that specializes in digital marketing, data analytics as well as tech development. Since 2013, we have helped brands from diverse industries across Malaysia, South East Asia, Europe, and Hong Kong.

Why we do

We live and breathe all things digital. We love to keep up with the latest trends, dabble with blockchain tech, try out the latest social media tools and experiment with different marketing techniques. Best of all, we love to share them with all our friends (that includes you!).

How we do

We believe in being passionate and constant innovation; learning is a lifelong journey. We love our clients. We also believe in people - we hope to create a fun, vibrant work culture, allowing us to grow together as a family!


想係充滿挑戰嘅startup環境工作?幫我哋公司現有嘅客戶retain佢地嘅social media,由B2B至到fintech行業。同時候,同潛在客戶見面,擴展公司業務。

1. 豐富想像力+social media content creation。
2. 計劃及管理客戶嘅social media。
3. 維持現有內容嘅行程,make sure一切行程良好。
4. 幫客人擴展及成長現有嘅平台,同時兼任客戶服務及落廣告 。
5. 摘寫proposal,與潛在客戶及現有客戶見面。

1. 唔怕醜,outgoing,想同成team人一齊玩!
2. 對social media e.g. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, 以及其他平台有一定程式認識。
3. 良好中英文書寫及溝通。
4. 熟悉香港social media市場。
5. 有能力整理,安排,以及分配工作,以當時情況作出決定。
6. Bonus: 識計劃content creation,及管理social media platform。
7. Bonus: 識Photoshop, Illustrator, Photography, Videography, Copywriting

歡近Fresh Grad!

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Looking for Business Development & Digital Marketing Executive
Job type Full-time

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