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Personal Assistant to Director

Our team consists of only the best: those who have great taste, great style. Is that you?

A Matter of Design

What we do

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As a distributor, A Matter of Design acts as a visionary connector. They work to be a retail and distribution partner in the region. For European lifestyle brands that want to enter the Hong Kong and China market and need careful brand management and distribution. A Matter of Design will be their local partner and representative. They will be involved in local marketing, sales and logistics/distribution for the brands in their portfolio. They will continue to grow the brand portfolio, bringing in brands that are entirely new to market or those lacking presence or struggling with a fractured, sluggish distribution system.

Why we do

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“Art is only art if it is synonymous with living”— Alexander Girard

Alexander Girard was one of the leading American designers during the mid-20th century and was a strong proponent, along with his colleagues Eero Saarinen, Charles, and Ray Eames, Kevin Roche and George Nelson, for bringing affordable modernism to the middle class. His inspirational words resonate with A Matter of Design as our mission is to bring beautiful, contemporary, practical, high-quality, yet affordable homewares and furniture brands to Hong Kong and China, expanding the market offering and upping the ante of a desire for design. Girard’s understanding of the importance of ‘living’ with design is close to our heart. As people begin to understand the relationship of our spaces to well-being, the objects we surround ourselves with become increasingly relevant. Design influences our environments and shapes us – A Matter of Design was born from a sincere desire to bring better quality design choices to customers in Asia.

“We want to Improve overall shopping/selection process for those we serve – interior designers, architects, individuals, etc.”– Joanne Chow

How we do

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Brand Values: A standard to measure performance & behaviours

EXPERTISE: Rooted in legacy in the region, deep understanding of the market and customer desires
AUTHENTICITY: Our brand portfolio only represents brands we believe in and that have a strong DNA
QUALITY: Both in the brands we represent and the services we deliver
VISION: We shape what the future of what lifestyle & design means to the communities that we serve
SERVICE: We deliver with ease, and are customer-centric in everything we do

Our Personality: What do we act like?

DESIGN-SAVVY: We understand the power and value of design
SMART: We work intelligently and seamlessly
FORWARD-THINKING: We innovate through anticipating needs and outcomes, we can spot opportunity
VIBRANT: We are driven and energized by our work and want to pass that on
GLOBAL: We are regional experts but global in approach, vision and style

A matter of people
We believe that people matter, from the people we partner with to the people we work with in-house. Our team consists of only the best: those who have great taste, great style and a wealth of know-how behind them.


A Matter of Design was born from our belief that design is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. When a design is done well, it has the power to improve your life, supporting you in your home, in your workspace, and wherever you go. We now own Danish furniture brand BoConcept and British furniture, lighting and accessories brand Tom Dixon in Hong Kong.

Job Responsibilities:
 Provide a full range of personal assistance and secretarial support to Director in a professional manner;
 Arrange business and personal events and meetings;
 Brief the Executive Director in advance about key issues and events;
 Coordinate with various internal and external parties to facilitate communication and maintain a smooth daily work-flow;
 Handle personal matters, including confidential correspondence, records, and entertainment functions, etc;
 Travel with management to China or oversea might be needed occasionally;
 Maintain an organized and systematic filing system;
 Liaise with internal and external parties proactively and independently;
 Handle confidential information in a professional manner;
 Assist in ad-hoc projects as assigned.

 Bachelor degree in Journalism/ PR/ Business or related discipline
 Analytical, self-motivated, global mindset, good team player with excellent interpersonal skills
 Ability to multi-task and perform duties with a high level of detail
 Excellent communication and project management skills, dynamic and energetic personality
 Good business acumen sense and able to work under high pressure
 Experience in proofreading and knowledge of legal concept is preferable
 Experience in serving CEOs/Celebrities is advantageous
 Knowledge of traditional and social media as well as copywriting and content composing is advantageous

Basic info
Looking for Personal Assistant to Director
Job type Full-time

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