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What we do

Forbole is an early-stage blockchain startup founded in October 2017 in Hong Kong. We are currently accelerating in AppWorks in Taipei until early July 2019, We will join the incubation programme of Hong Kong Science Park in 2H 2019. We are sufficiently funded and are generating revenue. Our business can be divided in: staking business, Big Dipper and Desmos.

Why we do

We believe the power of decentralization will bring a revolution to the internet as a whole. We will see enlightenment and a new business model.

How we do

Our business can be divided in: staking business, Big Dipper and Desmos.

1) Staking business
We are one of the most active validators on both Cosmos Hub and IRIS Hub. We are also the validator on and the testnet of Polkadot. Our total assets under delegation is more than USD14.5 million (as of 4 May 2019).

2) Big Dipper
This is an award-winning block explorer for proof-of-stake blockchain ecosystems which has organic traffic from nearly 1,800 cities of 117 countries.

3) Desmos
This is a blockchain specialized for social networking apps which is in planning stage.


You will be one of our teammate #4 to #8. Depending on the skillsets, you will be responsible for the development of our validator node operators, block explorer Big Dipper or decentralized community Phanero.

Experience/Skills (candidates should possess some of them):
- Excellent knowledge of Golang and/or Javascript;
- Good knowledge in Linux;
- Good knowledge in network infrastructure and cyber security (esp. for validator stream);
- Some knowledge of Cosmos SDK, Tendermint, Ethereum or other knowledge about blockchain development;
- Knowledge of Meteor, MongoDB and WASM will be a plus;

Basic info
Looking for Core Developer (Blockchain)
Job type Full-time
Company info
Founded on October, 2017

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