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English Teacher

English Instructor for our directors


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  • クラウドワークスを創業して3年が経過し、多くの成功と失敗の中で学び、変化し続けた結果、現在は素敵なユーザー、社員、株主に囲まれています。

  • 開発担当取締役。慶應SFC卒業後、モバイルコンテンツプロバイダ、フラッシュマーケティングサービスなどを経て、クラウドワークスの立ち上げに参画。創業期のクラウドワークスシステムをほぼ一人で構築する。「RubyWorld Conference 2013」ほか登壇多数。守備範囲の広さと安定稼働を強みとする。

  • クラウドワークスでの仕事のやりがいは、
    1. 社会問題を事業で解決することができること
    2. 市場と事業が伸びていること
    3. ユニークで優秀な人材がいること

What we do

  • C1dcde70 c720 40f3 8136 be5879c9b50b?1554546045 "CrowdWorks" is one of the biggest platform for crowdsourcing business
  • 433bcd6b a473 4bb8 a8a1 f855c965e976?1554546045 we also run not only platform, but also agent business for crowdsourcing as well

CrowdWorks Inc is known as one of the biggest crowdsourcing plat-former in Japan. Crowdsourcing is one of the web service that allows us to access the global workforce and connect them to jobs through direct online matching. through this business model, We aim to create new structure of society with "New working style" in Japan.

Moreover, due to our vision, "Aim for the world's largest amount of remuneration provided through the Internet.", we are running various services related to crowdsourcing. If you want to know more detail for our business, please take a look at our Q1 Presentation Material for IR as bellow;

Why we do

  • 22d3b70b c2d1 4e77 ae56 e33e078aca1d We awarded "1st Nippon Venture Awards" by Ministry of Economy in Japan
  • 20346042 f06f 4fb7 a666 c1622f9aaeaa?1554546044 This picture is one scene of party with our users to celebrate 5th anniversary

We publish that our mission is "Work style revolution", and our vision is "Aim for the world's largest amount of remuneration provided through the Internet." with our sharing economy business and Fintech Business.

Based on the vision, to aim for the world's largest amount of remuneration provided through the Internet, we aims first to have Japan's largest online employment infrastructure.

That is the reason why CrowdWorks develops a business that delivers remuneration to any individual via internet. By optimally utilizing the results of the work of individuals and credit data accumulated on internet, revitalize talented personnel, eliminate human resources mismatches and update the labor market.

How we do

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We have many employees with various backgrounds. Some people join us from major and big companies, and others join us from totally different industries as well. In addition, there are some people who work while raising kids, we provide many kind of work style based on each of life style.

if you want to know more detail, please read the following articles that authorized by our members!!!
(Sorry, it's written in Japanese only)


We are currently seeking an experienced English Instructor to start running new department in our company. This department will take responsibility to teach English language for our executive members due to necessity of communication in English.

[About the role]
As above explanation, we would like to expect that this position will improve English skill with instruction of this position. The detail is;

- Checking each of executive member's English skill
- Planning for training curriculum based on each of them
- Conducting English lesson for them
- Measuring their English language skill with some kind of tool such as TOEIC, TOEFUL etc.
- Keep conducting English training for them with quick PDCA

This is just our image for job description, but if you have any new idea to train English language skill for better, we are willing to leave it to you.

- English language skill (Native level)
- Japanese language skill (at least JLPT N1 level)
- Have working experience as English teacher
*It's not only teaching experience,but we also require planning experience for training curriculum based on each of English language level.
- Motivation to enjoy working even if be in tough situation

[How to apply]
Please subscribe from the button of "話を聞きに行きたい". We are willing to welcome your application even though you don't have a lot of attention to this position. Because this is first time for us to hire this position, we would like to talk first in order to know well each other. We hope that you will apply this position and be able to talk more detail in interview!!


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Basic info
Looking for English Teacher
Job type Mid-career
Special features Use foreign languages / Foreign nationalities welcome
Company info
Founder 吉田 浩一郎
Founded on November, 2011
Headcount 150 members
Industries IT (Internet/Mobile) / Human Resources / Nursing Care

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