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Software Engineering
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Seek excellence! Astute and driven programmer WANTED!

GreySpark Partners

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  • Ruth Johnstone

What we do

GreySpark Partners provides the expert advice necessary to deliver change to investment banks, hedge funds and asset management firms. The deep understanding of the financial services sector we have gained through our collective experience, creativity and tenacity enables us to consistently deliver the best results for our clients.

The focus of our expertise lies in electronic trading and tech within the financial market. GreySpark’s Technology Practice has a deep understanding of not only the technology currently available and in use today, but also the trends and innovations that our clients will be using in the future. In a fast-paced industry where technology is often a key differentiator, we make it our business to help our financial services clients successfully adopt modern computing tools, techniques and approaches.

With locations in five countries, we are ready to mobilise and provide service to clients where and when they need us. We have delivered projects to clients in 14 countries across 4 continents and are looking to expand our reach ever further!

Why we do

Understanding the symbiotic relationship between business and technology is essential for navigating today’s fast-paced financial landscape. At Greyspark, we believe that by gathering talented, hard working people with a deep knowledge of the industry, we can help institutions take advantage of this relationship. Through the knowledge we share, we allow companies to expand their business and reach even their most lofty goals.

As we help our clients achieve their goals, the attainment of these goals produces even greater results that resonate across the industry. This impact of our work is what drives us to continue to strive for ever greater excellence in what we do.

How we do

The glue that binds all of us together is a set of shared values. We work onsite, embedded within our clients’ organisations, or at one of our five offices. These values are the foundation of our firm’s culture:

We are experts in both our clients’ businesses and the technologies underpinning them. We bring discipline to each project to improve on what we have done before.

The only sustainable way to conduct ourselves is the honest, hardworking way. We align our clients’ long-term interests with our own and refuse to rely on shortcuts. We are committed to working the right way for each and every client.

We provide our team with the opportunity to be instrumental in building a business that they can ultimately claim as their own. By encouraging our people to nurture and develop their individual skill sets, we empower them to build a niche all of their own.

As a new team member

Providing the level of quality service that we do requires continuous self-improvement. Tangible results can only be delivered by combining in-depth industry knowledge and experience with a genuine customer service mentality and fresh, creative thinking. Right now, to support the accelerating growth of our company and of course improve ourselves, we are searching for that fresh, creative pair of hands that can show us the way forward.

[What you would do]
As a programmer joining our company you will be using your skills boost our performance. We want an entirely new perspective on whether or not our processes are as efficient as they could be. You will be helping us on our journey to be the best version of ourselves. Some of your responsibilities would include:

~ Reviewing current systems.
~ Presenting ideas for system improvements.
~ Working closely with analysts, project managers etc.
~ Participate in all phases of the software development life cycle.
~ Manage functional specification, system testing, UAT and implementations by writing well designed and testable code.
~ Testing the product in controlled, real situations before going live.
~ Coordinate with team lead and project managers in fulfilling business requirements within deadlines.
~ Work on the client’s site on projects of varying scale/ scope.

[Who we need]
We need someone with an entrepreneurial spirit , strong ownership and a love of new challenges. The following would also be advantages:

~ 1-5 years of relevant experience.
~ Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent.
~ Entrepreneurial spirit, personal and professional integrity with a strong desire to succeed.
~ A team player with good interpersonal and communications skills.
~ Programming in either Java, Javascript, Python, C++, C#, R etc.
~ Knowledge in Capital Markets/ Investment Banking or a particular asset class will be a plus but not essential.
~ Knowledge of financial data, financial instruments and financial technology will be advantageous but not essential.

If you want to challenge yourself, allow yourself the opportunity for real growth and work with a creative, diverse, dynamic group of people; click Want to visit now!

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Seek excellence! Astute and driven programmer WANTED!
GreySpark Partners