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Finance and Administration Officer

WANTED Finance and Administration Officer (Full Time or Part-Time) Experienced


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What we do

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SLEEEP, the first capsule hotel in Hong Kong, thoroughly blends design, technology and humanity to create unique user experiences.

We are always looking out for passionate, unorthodox and diverse talents to create amazing things, together.

Yes, our work makes a difference.

Why we do

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Recognizing the realities of our citizens: overworked, sleep-deprived and lacking in space, we aspire to provide a space for recharge, whenever one needs it.

That is why we have created SLEEEP — a capsule hotel blending design and technology to promote a sustainable culture, one quality sleep at a time.

Sleep is our precious, natural talent to recharge our body, sharpen our focus, boost our creativity, and build up our resilience. Sleeping well enhances the quality of every moment with our eyes are open:

We sleep because slee(e)p takes us further.

How we do

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SLEEEP achieved LEED Gold Certification by implementing practical and measurable solutions aimed at achieving high performance in sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. These eco-friendly solutions are integrated throughout the SLEEEP hospitality experience, from paperless operations for check-in through to a unique heat recovery system which recycles all wasted energy from air-conditioning into heat to warm the guest showers. An emphasis on sleek minimalism throughout the property further reduces waste and clutter, stripping out the excess disposable amenities common to many hotels, and promoting a sustainable culture to its guests and staff.

“We may be small but this outstanding recognition makes us all the more eager to take SLEEEP into new uncharted territories while hoping to inspire others along the way.” said SLEEEP Co-founder Jun Rivers


Space is Ltd. is a spatial technology startup committed to bringing design, technology and humanity together to reimagine an alternative urban lifestyle in the face of the stark reality of limited space, growing population and climate change. Through our innovative, socially responsible and sustainable products and services, we aspire to create a world where diversity coexists in lasting harmony. Space is Ltd.’s pilot project SLEEEP is Hong Kong’s first capsule hotel as well as a much needed space for recharge for professionals in Hong Kong.

We are seeking an enthusiastic, numerically accute and socially sensitive person to provide core support to our financial, human resources, administrative and operational tasks. This person ensures our ship running smoothly to advance our important work and that of our team. These key responsibilities include:

Provides timely inputting of data related to Space is Ltd’s income and expenses, receiving and issuing invoices and receipts, preparing payroll and assists in the management of Space is Ltd’s accounts.
Prepares processes, procedures and forms and ensures timely reporting by other staff and stakeholders for travel reimbursements and allowances and other expense claims.
Liaises with key bodies such as Inland Revenue Department, insurance and MPF providers, accountants and auditors and with the bank and ensures statutory filing of required documents. Works with the CEO & CXO in the preparing of Space is Ltd’s annual budgeting and provides support to other team members in developing project-specific budgets.
In collaboration with members of the team, assists with preparing budgets for grants as part of funding applications and with providing financial reports to investors, partners and other stakeholders.
Other finances and accounting tasks as needed.

Human Resources:
Develops and maintains Space is Ltd (SLEEEP)’s employee handbook based on HR best practice and works to ensure these policies are maintained.
Oversees the orientation process of new staff and interns, including meetings with different team members, orientation on handbook and setting up of accounts.
Assists CEO, CXO and other members of staff in developing job, and internship descriptions, leads on advertising new positions on recruitment platforms and in liaising with job and internship candidates.
Regularly internship recruitment with HKU and other Universities and reaches out to suitable candidates.
Assists the CEO in organizing regular team meetings, annual performance reviews, exit interviews and team-building activities and processes to foster collaboration and integration.
Supports in other HR-related matters as needed.

Administration & Core Support:
Procures, develops and maintains effective office and IT systems and hardware.
Regularly checks Space is Ltd’s general mail accounts and follows up with correspondences.
Liaises with Company secretary for required documentation.
Helps to ensure renewal of key subscriptions and services.
Participates in organization-wide functions, Resolve events, strategic planning and activities. ● Assists in follow up items from board and staff meetings.
Assists to maintain Space is Ltd’s contact database and CRM system.
Assists team in providing support for event preparation.

A Bachelor’s degree in finance and accounting is much preferred; or any equivalent combination of education and accounting experience that provides the knowledge, skills and abilities.
At least three years’ experience working in finance and administration.
Some previous working or long-term volunteering experience in the nonprofit sector desirable. Proven numeracy and financial analysis skills and track record in setting institutional budgets.
High computer literacy ideally in Google Drive, Xero, Trello & Slack.
Fluency in oral and written Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin) and English desirable.
Must have legal right to work in Hong Kong.

“Start-up” mentality who is a go-getter and takes initiative.
Methodical and able to develop structures and processes.
Strong administrative and organization skills.
Multitasker who can meet deadlines and prioritize.
Purpose driven. Passionate in well-being, sustainability and equity.
Team-player and able to work with diverse groups of people.
Exercises discretion and able to maintain confidentiality.
Honest, strong work ethic and committed to financial integrity.

Location Sheung Wan.
This role is ideal for someone looking for flexible working arrangements and who wishes to donate some of their value to our cause or a more experienced professional seeking to work on a part-time basis. Salary Range Negotiable depending on experience.

Please apply by sending a statement of interest and your CV to with the subject line “Finance and Administration Officer”. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified and interviewed.

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Looking for Finance and Administration Officer
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