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Junior Business Development Manager

GRADUATES The opportunity to spearhead Business Development in one of HK's fastest growing startup


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  • I am the Co-Founder of Butler, a millennial smart home management solution provider

What we do

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Smart Home Management

Living in Hong Kong, a city that never sleeps, we constantly face the challenge of keeping an orderly home while focusing on busy schedules. While there are various "platform" providers that are currently in the market, they are merely a content provider and a demand/supply matcher that does not add value to the extent that we can. This is why Butler is created - a personal premium smart home management provider that will take care of all your chores in a tailored and personal manner, availing you extra time to achieve more.

Why we do

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Butler is the new norm for taking care of home chores. We are a premium one-stop service provider that take cares of all household chores in a bespoke manner.

With today’s fast pace working environment, we truly value the fact that every second makes a difference. Individuals living in a busy city already have high level of stress from work, expensive living costs and by offering the solution of "come home happy" - it can instantly relief stress. We help busy individuals who doesn’t want to or have limited time to handle household chores, especially in Hong Kong where space is limited. Traditionally, butlers are labelled as a luxury that only limited privileged families could enjoy. However, evolution and technology have redefined the Butler concept.

While everyone can request a cleaner, a cook or an electrician, you will have to make arrangements with them separately with no guaranteed track record and quality assurance. But with us, a modernised 21st century Butler, you can accomplish all of that in one go.

One of our core founding goal was also to support local Hong Kong housewives with the intention to re-enter the society work force by 1.) elevating their basic household skillset to a become a professional butler, enabling them to earn high income from mid/high income bracket families (i.e. our customers), 2.) create more flexible and stable job opportunities in the relevant job market.

How we do

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With 1.) the rising income of emerging countries diminishes the labor supply that had been a traditional source for Hong Kong domestic helper, as well as 2.) the continuous diminishing in size of average household livable area (1/3 new builds in 2017 are 400 sqft or lower) given insufficient land and high house prices, Butler is exposed to the changing dynamics of a HK$ 17.7bn household helper market.

Our current target market is Hong Kong, with Singapore and Taiwan on the line for next stage of expansion. In terms of sub segment, Butler currently targets three types of households: 1.) mid-high income expatriates, 2.) professionals and young couples, 3.) large families where one domestic helper is not sufficient because of pets, kids, elderly, or home size reasons.

We have pilot launched in April and have began soft launch in July. During the pilot launch and soft launch stage, some of our key milestones include 1.) tested and adjusted our business model into a monthly membership based system, 2.) tested, adjusted, and extended all of our service offerings 3.) developed a backend system that record and analyze customers' details and personal preferences to increase personalization, 4.) developed a demo version of an IOS app and a content website, 5.) attended various startup conferences and exhibitions (RISE HK) as an exhibitor to gain feedback and exposure, 6.) Completed more than 500 job orders and have acquired 50 customers, which 40% of them have been converted as active monthly fee paying customers 8.) Secured upcoming collaboration with a major HK property developer


As the Junior Business Development Manager, you will work closely with the Co-Founders on various business development aspects, including and not limited to strategy formulation/execution, marketing/public relations, account & finance, as well as the day-to-day administration of the business. Given the start-up and fast growing nature of the business, you will receive tremendous exposure and autonomy in your role compared to other graduate roles.

Responsibilities and Duties
Please find below some of your major responsibilities:
• Support the strategy execution of the business, including collaboration with property developers and third parties, brainstorming promotion plans, strategy planning
• Oversee and support of the employees (Butlers) training program
• Oversee and support of the marketing program, which includes supporting media production, media/social media engagement, and marketing campaigns
• HR management and day-to-day engagement with employees (Butlers)
• Customer relationship management and day-to-day engagement with customers
• Manages day-to-day administrative tasks of the business
• Support accounting and finance function of the business

What we want from you
• Professional Diploma equivalent or above
• No work experience required. All graduates are welcomed to apply
• A self-motivated and committed personality. This is the most important trait we seek, as the team will be small, and the Co-Founders will be communicating with you mostly via e-mail/whatsapp remotely. You will be given significant autonomy just like an entrepreneur
• Strong communication and interpersonal skills
• Passion in technology, startups, or homecare would be bonus
• Diploma holder with studies in marketing, communications, hospitality, or IT would be bonus
• Proficiency in both English and Chinese
• Good PC skills including MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

What we offer
• The opportunity to work as a manager as a fresh grad in a fast-growing startup with ambitions to expand throughout Asia
• Significant autonomy and tremendous learning/mentorship opportunities directly from the three Co-Founders (all of which have years of experience in large corporates including investment banks and private equity fund houses)

Basic info
Looking for Junior Business Development Manager
Job type Full-time
Special features Students welcome

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