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Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)

What we do

  • Akiko Naka, CEO and Founder of Wantedly

Wantedly is a Tokyo-listed company founded in 2010, with the mission to create a world where work meets passion. We do this by connecting like-minded companies and talents based on passion and interest, rather than pay and benefits. We currently have over 30,000 companies onboard and 1.2-mil monthly active users in Japan, and recently launched in Singapore and now we are in Hong Kong!

成立於2010年,Wantedly是一家總部設於東京的初創企業 。我們的願景為「創造出讓熱誠和辦公室重新相遇的世界」。為了達成以上的目標,我們捨棄以利益關係為公司和僱員進行配對的傳統,取而代之以才能以及公司的興趣和理想將他們連繫起來。在日本,我們有超過30000間公司使用Wantedly,並有120萬個每月活躍用戶。最近我們將服務拓展至新加坡,現在更進駐香港!

Why we do

We believe in a world, where people take pride and joy in their work. How many people around you truly feel fulfilled by their job? How can we make more people happy through their jobs?
A person's job is what takes up the majority of their day. So we want everyone to be excited about work, and about the team you work with - rather than what you get in return.


How we do

Our company is expanding in different cities and our team is expanding every day, but every single one is a highly skilled and talented player. All of us experienced working at mega size companies and believe in solving the problems we saw there.
In terms of team culture, we are engineer/designer centralized. We aim to be a team where every member can take an active part in building our products. We believe everyone in the team matters in helping us to build a world where work meets passion.


As a new team member

Wantedly Hong Kong is calling for a full time enthusiastic hero who can join the team of legends to save the day - Bring back passion back to work life for Hong Kong people! Hong Kong needs YOU!

As a Business Development Hero, you will collaborate with us in all stages in this period of launching of Wantedly in Hong Kong. Your insightful contribution will help us develop, expand and maintain presence here in Hong Kong.

Wantedly 香港現正召集滿腔熱忱的英雄來拯救我們的世界!請你幫忙讓熱誠和辦公室重新遇上!香港,需要你!

在Wantedly香港初試提聲的階段,作為我們的業務托展英雄(大大), 你將會與我們協力處理各層面的事務。你的前瞻思維以及貢獻將會有助我們擴闊,托展業務之餘,更能為我們在香港留一席位。

Here is how you save the day:
• Contribute to content creation i.e. help develop well-crafted company profiles and social media content
• Support the team in acquisition and engagement of new clients
• Help the team in engaging universities and student/talent communities
• Assist in marketing and advertising promotional activities (e.g. social media, direct mail and web)
• Craft presentation materials for speaking engagements
• Manage and update company database and customer relationship management systems (CRM) when necessary
• Help organize events to generate more leads and exposures

To join us, you need the following special powers:
• A strong belief in creating a world where work meets passion
• Passionate about what you do and do what you love
• Team player but also able to work independently
• Strong desire to learn along with professional drive
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Fluent in both Cantonese and English. Fluent in Chinese is a plus!
• Good knowledge of MS Office
• Have some understanding of different marketing channels and techniques, proficiency in Photoshop and other software is a plus

- 設計內容:你需要精心為客戶建立檔案以及在社交平台上為它們設計posting(貼文)
- 在接觸新客戶以及後續工作上支援我們
- 市場推廣(例如社交平台,電郵以及其他網上媒介)
- 為演講活動準備講稿
- 需要時,管理或更新客戶資料庫以及相關系統customer relationship management systems (CRM)
- 組織推廣活動以增加公司曝光率及支持客戶增長

- 對於「創造出讓熱誠和辦公室重新相遇的世界」的願景有強烈信念
- 熱愛你的工作,同時為你的熱誠工作
- 有團隊精神同時能夠獨力完成工作
- 有衝勁還要有虛心學習的精神
- 良好的溝通技巧(書面以及對答技巧並重)
- 流利的廣東話以及英語。(懂流利的普通話是優勢喔)

So... what next?
If you think you have what it takes, and are cool enough to join us, hurry and click "Want to Visit" to contact us and find out more on how you can make our team even more awesome!

如果你認為你兼具以上特質,趕快點"Want to Visit"來聯絡我們!你更加能知道更多關於你能在我們之中扮演的角色!

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Company info
Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)
  • Founded on 2010/09
  • 100 members
  • WeWork, 7/F, 40-44 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
  • [WE NEED A HERO] If You Have The Charm & Ready To Hustle – Click Here!
    Wantedly, Inc. (Hong Kong)