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The Chinese Animal Zodiac Card




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12 Chinese zodiac is our important symbol corresponding to a computation time, in the 1970s unearthed Qin literature "Shuihudi Jane" and "Fangma Qin Jian", which has been used animals and Earthly Branches match, and today's zodiac difference small, most of the animals have been the same. Far thousands of years ago we use the system, in our daily life functioning, growing integration in the cultural life. Can be described as traditional, it can be regarded as part of our unique culture. Remember when parents teach us to number our Lunar New Year, Lunar New Year, said the story, each animal's personality Li Ling scored every minute. Because of this, we began to use the Lunar New Year as a good way to calculate the season (of course, for the purposes of the story above education, in fact, the origin of the source of the 12 zodiac lot.) Round zodiac cycle of 12 years. Person's age is equal to a multiple of 12 is called the birth year. Further, since the Earthly Branches cycle is 12 years, and "Zodiac" inclusive correspond exactly, can also be considered a multiple birth year "Earthly Branches" cycle, older people are not so kind to calculate degree days.Thus, the interesting thing, I want to inject a minimalist vocabulary and techniques through modern design to reinterpret this an interesting story, in addition, Taiwan will also be redesigned mouse cards (that is, the old board game 50 years ago refurbished ) whereby in addition to hope beyond time and space and cultural exchange on the ancient past, to explore whether there are too many cultural gone from our side, but we are engrossed camp at the moment are unaware of it? Perhaps as a designer, can their best and long before, more such applications in the corner, perhaps with the help of the local point lights, add some coals, although insignificant, but the exchange of learning from each other, we also You can continue to experience these great humility.

Taiwan 12 Lunar New Year cards, and alias "mouse card" is popular in southern Taiwan, Penghu traditional card games, card size and shape Four Color Cards are all long bar length and width of three to one, face cards and Mongolian Connaught Japanese cloth brand same zodiac. In 1950, Taiwanese manufacturers have the card. Lukang, Changhua and other places in the past often the Lunar New Year as a flutter cheer of gambling.



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