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DevOps Tutorial – Learn DevOps from Experts




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This DevOps tutorial will help you learn DevOps basics and become a certified DevOps practitioner. This tutorial includes various tools and technologies used in DevOps like Docker, Jenkins, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Kubernetes, IAC and more. You will learn DevOps & agile, DevOps implementation and best practices.

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What exactly is DevOps?

Don’t get scared with this term “DevOps”, it is nothing but a practice or methodology of making “Developers” and “Operations” folks work together, hence the term “DevOps”. How exactly is this achieved? We will discuss this as we move further.

Why DevOps?

Before understanding the concepts and methodology of DevOps, we need to understand why do we even need DevOps? Why DevOps? Why not other methods? First let’s understand the “Need of DevOps”.
Before DevOps, Waterfall Model was the earliest SDLC approach that was used for Software Development. This method was reliable at first which was used for illustrating the software development process in a sequential flow. Originally Published by www.intellipaat.com on Sep 6,2019