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Treasure: Cropped Memories




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Time goes by. And the memories stay. Used to be a fool. Jealous around. Walk around. Fool around. Look around. 

Used to pray for nothing. Wishing some day I could become a doctor. Sometimes a designer but most of the time, a doctor. But what I really pray for now is health. That’s all I asked. I’ll do the rest. I’ll earn the rest. Not to say I really can, but I have to. Almost forgot what I’ve wished for. I guess I used to wish for better grades but now only for health and safety, for every single day. Never go back. Never hesitate. Never compromise with mf-kers. Like parasites. Like those who stop you from growing or for barely nothing. I screwed up a lot. I learnt a lot. The Good, the Bad. Crop out. Fade away. Move on. No one will ever know what’s next. May God bless it will never be boring and I’ll do the rest.

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