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"Happy Realisation Day"
The project requires me to take historic facts and communicate them in an illustrated manner, hence I chose Greeting Cards as my form for it is a product of the kind of marketing I am criticising. 
Holidays have lost their appeal, their significance and their meaning because advertisers have weaved a story of their products along with the actual history of the holiday to sell their products. 
I aim at decoding the "ugly truth" of what these holidays have actually become. 

Starring: Your "friend"
Ages ago, Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark, created a day for kids to remember that they have/ do not have friends. On this day (mostly children) would buy cards and gifts for their friends. In less-rich countries, such as India, the tradition is to craft “friendship band” for your friends to get rid any insecurity or doubts they have of your friendship. By tying a band around your friend’s wrist you are acknowledging their friendship and rumor has it, the more you collect the bigger your ego grows.
Here’s a card with all the friendship bands you’ll need, enough to craft your own friend to be there for you when you most need one.