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ClientCHOCOOLATE COLLABS is a brand under CHOCOOLATE that focuses on doing collaborations with other brands for their clothing. Its mission is to create a one-of-a-kind style. The brand is to be able to meet the needs of people and cater to the mass audience by creating different types of design. Design objectivesTo create logo and corporate identity for CHOCOOLATE COLLABS, a sub brand under CHOCOOLATE, to reflect the client’s brand personality and align with it’s positioning as a fun and unique company. Creative solutionThe brand style is based upon quirky, youthful, fun and friendly. By applying these characteristics of our brand style into the development of content and presentation, it will ensure that the unique style of the company and enhance recognition of CHOCOOLATE COLLAS by the audiences. For the logo design, we incorporate the image of a zebra. Zebra represents the brand personality which is sociable as they are open to collaborations. The zebra is in purple colour to show the uniqueness, instead of black and white, and represent the collaborations with other brands that makes it fun and quirky. For the colour palette, the primary colours are purple and black. Purple is the visual link to the outlet logo. Secondary colours include pink, blue, yellow and brown. They are used as additional colours for campaigns or other documents.   For the applications, the design consists of a zoom in image of the zebra skin in secondary colours to convey the fun and quirkiness of the brand.

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