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T-shirt designs: Sukhi Hotu




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For these past few months of working with Fat Oven, I've been also freelancing, one of my clients was SukhiHotu, a buddhist based bookstore that is well known around Malaysia.

For this design I was asked to create a design based on the phrase "Live the love you love, Love the life you live" I drew a sailboat A sailboat to symbolize  peace during the time of change, celebrating the adventurous spirit that keeps someone moving, which i think is perfect for the message that is needed to be conveyed on this design.

For this piece, the phrase that i was given to work with is "Do good, avoid evil, purify the mind." The swirls around the words symbolizes the thought process, of what is happening inside an individual. I belive that teachings can be always thought, but it is up to the individual to apply and remember, hence the placement of the message in random places and fonts in different sizes.

For this desigh, I was asked to design a more hip and trendy piece, with the word "Dhammarvelously" It is a made up word so I've added in "I am living my life" to complete the message, with some aura like patterns around it to represent Dhamma, reaching enlightement.

These final two pieces are designed for an event for Sukhi Hotu's dhamma study classes. Here I was only aked to design images that represents Buddhism.Thank you for watching!



Darrel Cheong