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A project done back in RMIT University for the module Professional Communication Practice 1 in Singapore. The idea is to establish a fictional brand studio which emphasise on branding, strategy creation and a pitch presentation to the cohort. The brand rationale for the visual articulation is as follows:

To form a brand strategy without losing the essential values and aspect in this case, a holistic service provider: Digital Solutions. A visual metaphor that best reflects and creates space for discussion and a sense of conformity, stability and equality for all our clients’ businesses. As such, we thought of empowerment that embody that statement and the essence of a visual metaphor. A square element is incorporated into the brand identity which entails: Challenging, Collaborative, Loyal, Interactive, Modern, Progressive and Transformative digital experiences. The challenge is to craft a visual style which in this case is to create an icon and word mark without affecting its drive and meaning. The brand is modern minimal and instantly understandable.

The square element acts as a visual metaphor to frame and contain memories. It can be used to represent a blank canvas which leverage novel ideas, be it witty or profound. It depicts formality, and strives to create emotional values. Most importantly, trust and loyalty.

This course has personally groomed me to understand the importance of launching a digital brand agency. Substantial amount of research was studied upon to understand the values of company philosophies, marketing guidelines and manifesto which acts as a catalyst for all enterprises. This was helpful for me to be decisive to take quick decisions. It was not easy to craft an idea within a short period of time, but the experience that I gain was extremely fruitful and I hope I could apply such skills in the real market in the near future.



Raja Sega

RMIT University