A Dress Full of Ribbons





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This photography project was a response to Estee Lauder Malaysia's call for entry to its Breast Cancer Awareness photography exhibition. Open to staffs and students of The One Academy, I took the opportunity to pull off a relatively bold photoshoot by applying more than 1700 pink ribbons onto a skirt, which approximately equates to 320 meters worth of ribbons.

Using the thought that fashion and garments (such as dresses) play a relatively integral role in a female's life, these subjects usually attract the visual gaze in magnificent effectivity, in a way that they are hard to turn your attention away. Awareness of any matter required this pulling force, hence came the attempt to match the symbolic Breast Cancer Awareness pink ribbons as part of a fashion statement.

While initially the plan of action for the project was to apply ribbons throughout the set of garments, it has come to much design considerations that it was not quite a feasible option. While 1700 pink ribbons sounded like a big number, it is far from being enough to cover a full length skirt; the dress had to be photographed only from the front to create an illusion of a fully-ribboned skirt. The top garment had to be replaced by a 6 metre-long scarf-like cloth mainly to give variety to an otherwise crowding ribbon visual that is full of texture. Using non-destructive methods of sticking ribbons onto the underlying dress, it was also a time-related challenge to photograph the subjects before the whole ribbon skirt decayed and fall apart.

When the ribbons do fall apart, we went on and used the voluminous ribbons as an accessory of abstract forms, which turned out visually interesting. I'd say it was a serendipitous moment.


To the people whom had pulled through with me, your names will be eternally engraved in the credit list below:Model: Karyn OngFashion Designer & Stylist: Max Xanch GhancyeMake Up Artist: Christie GraceVideographer: Zac LeeAssistants:Hilary PurnamasariNathaniel AdyantoTan Mei PingRalve KhorXin Yi

You guys helped make it what it is, a Visual Brilliance.



Kyle Low

Hilary Purnamasari