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Dua Nhau Di Tron (Together we flee)





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Perhaps motorcycle camping with the beloveds has been once what we ever dreamt of in the young days. The thrill of being able to prove our independence and freedom is priceless, not to mention the incredible joy of contemplating the landscapes through which we pass.

After listening to the song "Dua Nhau Di Tron" (Together we flee) by Den and Fox for the first time, the word "Tron" (Flee or to hide) troubled my thoughts. Why they have to hide in order to go play? Is hiding supposed to be doing something wrong? How on earth it is fun to hide and play? But wait, do you remember the time when the gang skipped that boring philosophy class to go play soccer? How pleasurable! Oh and also how painful to be found out!
Let's forget what's wrong and what's right for a while, my friends. We might need some moments of being wrong in our lives to have precious, unforgettable experience which we can collect and pass over to our kids. Right now, more than anything, I just want to get on my motorbike and continue the S-shaped journey with my love. What can beat the feeling of having the most enjoyable memories with the one we love, in the most beautiful time of our years? That's what urged me to create this artwork, to gift the person I love and to share with every one of you.

i'd be gratefully happy if you "appreciate" and "share" my work.
Thank you

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Anh Doan