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Ogilvy Malaysia 2012
Rice is more than just a staple diet of Malaysians.It is an important element in Malaysian culture that brings people together, more so during celebrations.Because festivals are important for Malaysians, it’s also important that Bernas makes it presence felt during festive occasions.
In line with Bernas’ brand essence of Nourishing the Nation, it’s only appropriate for us to nourish our fellow Malaysians with messages that are relevant and inspire Malaysians during these festivals.
For the Chinese, rice plays a significant role during reunion dinners. The Chinese New Year family dinner is an important event and highlight of the festivity.
This Chinese New Year, Bernas is airing a commercial on all major television stations channels. The story depicts the
divided relationship that a son has with his parents and it is centered during meal times. Despite the odds, there’s always
a way to overcome their differences and reunite. It’s an inspiring story that resolves at the end with an important point to be
made - family is forever. Regardless of what comes between us.
The spot is released as a 90-second and 60-second spot, while a 3-minute version can be viewed online. 
Awards Won:
Kancils 2012
Merit - Film, Broadcase
Bronze - Craft, Copywriting
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