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Nin Jiom Candy, The After-Fix Candy




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Naga DDB Malaysia 1999
The Original Nin Jiom Herbal Candy, used to soothe your throat. It has a strong menthol flavor and contains the same herbs as are used in the famous cough syrup. It is a wonderful herbal lozenge to use when you have a cough and feel congested.
A study at the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine published in a 1994 article, "Pharmacological studies of Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa", states that Nin Jiom Pei Pa Kao "had significant cough relieving and sputum removing effects.It also had an evident effect on relieving asthma in vivo and in vitro. In four acute or sub-acute inflammatory models, the anti-inflammatory effect was marked.."Armed with these information, we wanted to broderen our base and target smokers.If you smoke you'll known how it feels each morning when you wake up, your throat is dry and there's hoarseness, and loss of voice. But strangely enough the first thing smokers done is light up a cigarrate. Getting them to quit is near impossible.The next best thing is maybe pop a Nin Jiom candy after your smoke?Nin Jiom Candy, the after-fix candy.(I don't think we were encouraging them to smoke) So how do we reach these smokers?  We design our Ads & Posters after the most iconic cigarrate brand, Marlboro. 



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