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Wantedly Journal | 仕事でココロオドルってなんだろう?

To our dear readers of WANTEDLY JOURNAL

How do you find a job that you really love? One that sets your heart on fire?

Our mission at Wantedly is to Create a World where Work drives Passion, which means to help as many people as possible find that job that makes them excited to wake up early in the morning and get fired up to go to work.
What sets your heart on fire?

When a customer says "Thank you!"
When you reach your monthly sales goal.
When you see your teammates happy.

The one thing that sets their heart on fire is different for everyone.
It differs in many ways between countries and generations.

WANTEDLY JOURNAL will help you discover what sets YOUR heart on fire.
Learn about how people found ways to turn their passions into their profession.
Remarkable teams will share with you their inspiring stories.

These journals are for those looking for passion that ignites your heart.
They are for everyone who wants to learn something new.
We hope to inspire, amaze, and enlighten you to reach new horizons in your career.

Team Wantedly