Haruna Takimoto

Haruna Takimoto

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June 2018
Jan 2021

Nursery Nurse (保育士)

June 2018 - Jan 2021

-Responsible for a class of around thirty children from multicultural backgrounds. -Provide children’s detailed observations and developmentally challenging next steps based on EYFS(The standard for the learning, development and care of children).

July 2015
May 2018

Team Leader Service (時間帯責任者)

July 2015 - May 2018

-Managed fifteen team members – delegating and supervising tasks, and responsible for their personal development. -Brainstormed and implemented ways to improve store performance. -Stock management – both periodic stocktaking using the store IT system and monitoring of levels/reordering on a daily basis.

Sept 2012
Mar 2014

Sept 2012 - Mar 2014

-Responsible for a class of around twenty students. -Organised activities and whole school events. -Engaged with parents, responsible for writing student reports and appraisals.

Jan 2012
Aug 2012

Jan 2012 - Aug 2012

-In charge of general admin - maintaining student records and written and verbal communication (internal and external). -Used full range of Microsoft Office software on a daily basis – letter writing in Word and financial management in Excel. -Worked closely with other teachers and staff to provide quality education.

Jan 2008
Aug 2012

Shift Supervisor (時間帯責任者)

Jan 2008 - Aug 2012

-Responsible for twenty staff. -Took stock and placed orders with suppliers. -Managed branch finances. Responsible for net sales of £3,000 per day. -Store coffee master – proactively arranged and presented coffee seminars to groups of customers (10+ per session).

Jan 2008
Mar 2008

School assistant/administrator (学校の総合事務兼補佐)

Jan 2008 - Mar 2008

-Communicated with language students of different nationalities. -Enrolment administration. -Assisted in scheduling of classes and events. -Organised students’ personal records and kept records of student payments on the computer system and paper documents. -Responsible for answering the phone and emails including parent communications. -Cash management with Excel.

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Awards and Certifications

First Aid (救命技能認定証)

Jan 2019

J-SHINE (児童英語指導者)

July 2007

Data processing(情報処理士)

Mar 2007


Japanese - Native, English - Professional