DevOps and Data Engineer

Join us to build a knowledge bank for companies!

募集の詳細: ...itecture ● Explore NoSQL databases such as Cassandra, HBase ● Codify our core resources in Terraform ● Coordinate, streamline and automate data ingestion to our data warehouse ● Enhance our kubernetes applications with be...

Software Engineer (A.I. Startup)

WANTED Software Engineer & Bot Maker (

募集の詳細: ...TML, CSS, RDBMS and NoSQL • Familiar with cloud computing platforms such as Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform • Able to write clean, secure code and always strive to implement features in the best way possible • Able to...


Data Scientist (Geo) - Join our mission here in Singapore!

募集の詳細: ...ce • Familiar with noSQL, postGIS, stream processing and distributed computing platforms • Self-motivated, independent learner, and willing to share knowledge with team members • Detail-oriented and efficient time manager ...



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