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Yubo Trading: “Money is important, but it’s not everything”

By: Wantedly Editorial

It’s easy to understand what the title means but when a lot of companies are trying to maximize profits, how many of them are willing to invest a significant amount of capital back into the company? Let’s hear what Jason has to say about it.

▲Chatting with a glass of wine always works better.

“No one can earn a lot without support.”

The reason why Jason co-founded Yubo Trading is simple, “I simply want to make more money. Having worked as a trader for years, instead of working for other companies, why shouldn’t I work for my own company?” It’s natural for anyone to share the same thought.

Why is he willing to invest more capital back into the company and his employees? Jason replies without hesitation, “I’ve worked as an employee myself and everyone wants their companies to treat them better. Especially when you’re required to work very hard for the company, how would they perform well if they’re not productive? Therefore, no matter the money is spent on equipment or the team, to me it’s always an investment well spent.”

As a proprietary trading company, Yubo Trading has the freedom to allocate resources however they want, and that flexibility is what Jason values as a founder. “As long as our employees have any request and we’re able to afford it, we’ll try our best to satisfy them.”

▲Just landed in office, this Mac Pro is a 6-figure investment to Yubo.

“People are the key to revenue.”

Although Yubo Trading already has substantial revenue, Jason wants to continue expanding the team, “Since we’re still not a sizable company, no matter how large our capital is, we are yet to penetrate into every market and product. That’s why we need more people working here.”

However, when it comes to trading, often the first choices for talent are often international corporations. Why should one join Yubo Trading then? Alex the intern says, “Actually the main reason I chose Yubo is it’s size. Since we’re still a small team, I can learn directly from the co-founders, from the company model and the technical operation. There are always new intellectual challenges every day.”

What advantages does Jason think they have then? He explains, “First must be the degree of exposure. Working in a corporation, most of the time you’ll only be executing orders and trades, you won’t know the company’s strategy or the reason behind any decision. Instead, Yubo Trading is providing exactly this kind of exposure to the team and we’ll also ask for their opinions to see how we can grow our business together.”

Jason continues, “We pay our staff well. At Yubo, we discourage our employees to work overtime, and we feel it’s our responsibility to ensure their work-life balance. The other extra benefits are the open bar, gym membership, opportunities for learning and advanced study sponsorship etc. Basically, anything the team wants, we’ll try our best to satisfy them.”

It’s rare to see this kind of company culture, especially when it comes down to the financial industry. The combination of work-life balance, learning opportunities and freedom of expression is quite unique in this industry. After reading this series of Yubo Trading interviews, joining Yubo Trading must be a worthwhile “investment.”

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