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Yubo Trading: “Company benefits going beyond salary”

By Wantedly Editorial Team

You may not have heard of Yubo Trading and aren’t sure what they are trading, but when you’re talking about company benefits, Yubo Trading takes great pride in taking care of their employees.

Yubo Trading was started in 2013 by three co-founders with extensive experience in the trading industry. By combining their expertise in fintech and trading, the founders wanted to explore new opportunities by working for themselves; Yubo Trading was born.

▲Chatting with their very first employee Pinky – Office Manager

“They go above and beyond in taking care of the team.”

Having worked here for over a year and a half, she reflects on her time here: “Before joining Yubo, I’ve already worked in a few large corporations, so I thought perhaps it’s time for me to trying something new and I didn’t expect the company benefits at a start-up to be comparable to those big corporations.”

How good is the package? On top of the basics such as insurance, annual leaves and year-end bonus, there’re also birthday leave, gym membership, team events etc.

However, these are all secondary to Pinky, the most surprising incident is that the company gave her a salary increase out of the blue. “A lot of companies don’t actively raise employees’ salary, or they simply increase a minimal amount after the annual review. Yet, when I’d worked here for just a year, Jason (one of the co-founders) suddenly told me that they wanted to raise my salary, and it’s quite a huge jump.”

Putting the cash aside, Jason also encouraged her to equip herself with more skills. Pinky tells us: “I told them the company I wanted to learn something new, since I wanted to upskill myself. Then Jason invited me into the meeting room and asked me what I wanted to pursue. Now I’m taking an accounting course at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry.”

▲What does Alex the intern think about Yubo Trading then?

“I’ve been learning a lot since day 1.”

Despite the money-related benefits, what attracts Alex most is their “soft benefits”, like the regular sharing sessions between the team, “My favourite is the ‘Theory Corner’ held every Thursday. It basically is a knowledge sharing session and everyone in this company has a chance to voice out.”

These weekly sessions also make Alex feel that he’s valued, “I’ve only worked here for 2 weeks and Jason already asked me to present my quantitative research to the entire team. After the presentation, the team also started thinking about how to utilize my findings to the company’s trading model and it felt amazing. It’s completely impossible if I were working in a sizable corporation.”

Money is important especially in Hong Kong but a lot of companies think that cash can solve every problem. However, they’ve overlooked that what millennials also need are simply recognition and appreciation. If you want to work in a company which truly cares about you, make sure you check out the job openings below!

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