Three mindsets leaders must adopt during adversity

2020 has been a tough business environment for most industries. There are glimmers of hope on the horizon, but there is still plenty of uncertainty and adversity ahead. Talking to Akiko, Aurelie, and Elaine in our Webinar, these CEOs share three mindsets that they’ve adopted over the last six months.

1. Crisis creates opportunities

Akiko Naka, CEO Wantedly
In times of difficulty, great companies can innovate and use it as a window of chance to create something new and advance on competitors. During the last six months, Wantedly has shipped multiple new features to the platform, and looked to expand to North American markets.

With the mantra “Don’t be paralyzed”, Akiko has led by example, even project managing one of the latest rollouts. By keeping teams active and innovating, the focus is on the future and gives the company a direction to look forward to. When getting used to remote working, it’s important to keep teams active and busy so they have clear tasks and reason to go to work in the morning!.

2. Team Spirit, Be Fearless

Elaine Tsung, CEO Garage Society
Elaine says “Fear itself is the fear of uncertainty.” By being fearless, their team was able to be more resourceful, look at how to support their communities and look at how working space are innovating.

In the words of Elaine: As a team, and as individuals, the first step is define your own fears, and what is it we’re afraid of. When you can see what the worst case scenario is, you’ll find that it’s not actually that bad. By understanding and identifying that, the team is able to overcome uncertainty and find ways to become stronger. In times like these maintaining connection and team support goes a long way.

3.Take Care of Yourself

Aurelie Wen, CEO Agorize
Leaders need to be in a good mental space if they need to steer the ship, and make sure they’re not contributing to the ship sinking. When you start working on yourself, it’s when you start finding it capable of helping the organization, team, and community around you.

Aurelie’s experience of joining as APAC CEO at the onset of the pandemic really drove home this point. By clarifying purpose, and identifying what factors you can control, and what is completely out of your control, she was able to lead her team in an internal innovation challenge to come up with a plan on how to get out of this situation. The results? A turning point where the team started feeling engaged, ideas mattered, and against all odds was able to deliver results despite the difficult environment.

We hope you’re able to take some of the lessons from these amazing leaders, and implement it into your own life and own organization! Remember, We can learn from the three CEOs, no matter how bad the environment is, we have to face it with optimism, be fearless choose to control what we can control, and be prepared to be flexible to survive and thrive together!

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