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大家搵工嗰陣,當見到Business Development (BD) 嘅時候會唔會「傻傻分不清楚」,喺度諗佢同sales有咩分別呢?今次筆者就同大家略略講解吓啦。



BD會睇多好多大環境,例如market assessment、partnership opportunities、strategy development同business plan等等,而呢一堆嘢對公司方向同長遠發展都好大影響,當然好多公司都會要求個BD做埋sales啦,咁就要兼顧多樣啦。

Sales / Biz Development
Lead, grow, and create impact with us as our next Sales Executive
The New Luncher is a flexible meal subscription service that provides children with food that is healthy, tasty, and sustainably sourced, and provides parents peace of mind knowing their children are eating well every day. Not only nutrition and taste are important for children at an early age, but also exposure to different types of foods and flavors, so children can expand their palate early on in their lives. The New Luncher’s food options provides children and parents with all these benefits, and with parents with peace of mind and more free time not planning, shopping, and cooking their meals. Every day, you can choose between 3 main choices (Western, Asian or Vegetarian + Starter, Dessert and afternoon Snack). All food from The New Luncher is made-to-order every morning to ensure freshness of ingredients, tastiness of food, and lack of food waste. The focus is on giving the best possible healthy food at the most affordable prices to parents and kids. Most of the meat is ant-biotic and hormone free or organic, and our key ingredients are organic.
The New Luncher Ltd

反觀sales要做嘅,好多時就真係99%負責做成生意:搵客、傾偈、pitching、close deals,只要有數返就搞掂哂。


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